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39401 Zallee and her daughter-in-law died while on a picnic , from the storm surge (water) from a hurricane. CRANDALL, Edythe Mae (I71257)
39402 zydicious (at) gmail.com Source (S938)
39403 [Note: Albert is on page 59, line 12 - this is the same area as William Jean, Sr. in 1840] GEAN, Bird (I244)
The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County - Start of Page 186
Page 70--Mar. 28, 1814. Jesse Jeans, dec'd., Peter Strozier appointed temporary Admr., William Strozier, Security. 
JEAN, Jesse of Caswell Co., NC (I10341)
39405 _____meyer, Harry (is all you can make out of his last name...it looks like there is a piece of tape over their last name...they are the last family enumeated on this page) SPIEGLEMEYER, Harry (I22567)
39406 {Note: the images on HQ of the census are double exposed and this census is hard to read} JEAN, *** Joseph of Lincoln Co., TN (I22103)
39407 {Note: This birth date seems to coincide with the 1850 cenus more} JANES, Andrew Jackson (I59515)
39408 {\\\\rtf1\\\\ansi\\\\deff0{\\\\fonttbl{\\\\\\\\fcharset0 Arial;}}
\\\\viewkind4\\\\uc1\\\\ * March Term 1834 - Court of Equity, Burke Co., NC - Petition of Rachel Janes widow, Nancy G Janes, Benjamin F. Enloe & wife Jane, Mary Janes, Angelina Janes, James Janes, Andrew Janes and George W. Janes peitioners, humbly make known to this honourable court that Thomas Janes, late of said county died some time in the year 1831 intestate, who at the time of his death was seized and possessed of tracts of land situated in said county. Your petitioners state that they are the lawful children & heirs at law of the said Thomas Janes and entitled to partition of his said lands. They further state that Mary, Angelina, James, Andrew & George are infants for who there has been no guardian appoitned. Petitioners state that Rachel is the widow of the intestate and that no dower has been assigned, but that dower should be alotted to her. And that Benjamin Enlo married Jane, one of the heirs of said Thomas their father.
* 25 March 1834 - Burke Co., NC - James Janes makes oath that he is the grandfather of the heirs named in the foregoing petition, that he is well acquainted with the lands sought to be divided. That during this time the said Thomas leased the land for it to be worked as a depost (?) mine, that such is the cause of that ____ that it renders the land unfit for clutivation (?). That he belives it would be for the advantage of the heirs to have the mining land sold for land elsewhere. That the petitioners wish to do so too, he further ___ that this petitioner Enloe & wife who reside near this affiant have also agreed to have the land sold - Signed Jas Janes - Thomas Forney swears that the facts set forth in the foregoing affidavit of james Janes are true according to his knowledge. Signed Thos J. Forney on 25 Mar 1834
* 25 Mar 1834 - Nancy Janes swears that the matters & facts set forth in the foregoing petition of her own knowledge are ___ those not of her own knowledge she believes to be true - signed Nancy G. Janes
* Nancy G. Jenes & others, widow & heirs at law of Thomas Janes, dec'd petitioners - This case coming to be heard on the petitioners and affidavits, it is ordered & decreed that the lands set forth in the petition be sold by the Clerk & Master. And it is ordered that Thomas Forney be guardian of the minors heirs named in the petition to wit: Polly Angelina James Andrew & George {{document not dated, but obviously early on and before the sale of the land to George Summey}}
* 16 May 1834 - Twelve months after date we promise to pay Sidney S. Erwin, clerk & master $2802 for the purchase money of the land of the widow Jeans sold by order of the court of Equity of Burke Co. - signed Geo Forney (Fammy/Surmry?), Tho J. Forney, A.G. Forney
* 25 Sept 1834 - In pursuance of an order of the Court of Equity on Petition of Racheal Jeans & others for the sale of the real estate of Thos Jeans, dec'd, I proceeded to sale the land on the premises as directed by the court and George Summey(?) being the highest and last bidder was the purchaser at the sum of $2802 - S.L. Erwin, CME {?}
* Court of Equity at Morgantown, Burke Co., NC - we the undersigned do authorise constitute and appoint Thomas J. (?) Forney our lawful agent and attorney to receive for us the proceeds arrising from the sale of lands of Thomas Janes, dec'd and also recommend that said Thomas J. Forney be guardian for the minor heirs of said Thomas Janes, dec'd, this __st {{smudged, 1st or 31st?}} of July 1835 - signed by her mark Rachael "+" Janes & Nancy G. Janes - wit Alexander "X" Edmonson and Nancy G. Janes, witness to Racheal Janes
* 3 Nov 1840 - Rec'd of Thomas J. Forney by settlment, $466, which I wish & promise to have credited on my part of the note of $2802 for the sale of the property of Thomas Janes, dec'd by order of the court of equity - signed Rachael Janes
* Rec'd of Thomas J. Forney by settlement $331.70, which I wish credited on my part of a note of $2802 for the sale of property of Thomas Janes, dec'd by order of the court of equity - signed Nancy G. (or J.?) Janes {{3 Nov 1840? on same document as the one above
* 24 Apr 1843 - Tippah Co., MS - Petition of Andrew Floyd Janes & George McWhisler (McWhister?) Janes, respectfully represent to your honer that they are minors under the age of 21 years and over the age of 14, that they are the children and heirs at law of Thomas Janes, dec'd who died in the state of NC in the year 1830. They removed to the state of MS with their mother in the year 1840, that they now reside in Tippah Co. MS - They further state that Thomas J. Forney was appt their guardian in Burke Co., in NC shortly after their father's death. That the said Forney took possession of the estate which your petitioners inherited from their father in his capacity of guardian and that said Forney held possession of it when your petitioners left NC. Your petitioners have however been recently informed that an order of court has been had in said Burke Co by which the estate of yoru petitioners has been taken out of the hands of the said Forney and placed in the hands of William Conley, who was one of the sureities of the said Forney on his guardians bond. Your petitioners further state that they are permanently settled in this state and that they are desirous of having their property brought where they reside, so that they can have the benefit of it as it is the only means they have of support besides their own labor. The amount in the hands of said Conley is unknown to your petitioners, but they suppose it to be between four and five hundred dollars for each of your peitioners. They further state that their property in said Conleys hands consists mostly of money. They pray that your honer will appt Leander D. Alexander their guardian in this court - signed Andrew F. Janes & George M.W. Janes
* 8 Apr 1856 - Burke Co., NC - William Connelly vs Andrew Janes, James Janes, George W. Janes, Angelina Janes, Mary Janes, Nancy G. Janes & others - Bill to answer & ___ restore records & obtain title to lands - W.W. Avery agents & attorney for the plaintiffs in this case, William Connely bade the oath that he is informed & believes that the defendants Andrew Janes, James Janes, George W. Janes, Angleina Janes, Mary Janes & Nancy G. Janes are non-residents and beyond the jurisdiction of said court. Sworn to before me E.J. Erwin, Clerk & Master in Equity for Burke Co., NC
* Spring Term 1857 - Burke Co., NC Rachel Janes, Nancy Janes & Andrew Janes & others heirs at Law of Thomas Janes, dec'd exparte - in the matter touching the sale of the real estate of Thomas Janes, dec'd which descended to the parties in this case as his heirs at law, it appearing to the court that the lands in the pleadings mentioned were heretofore sold by the Master (? Masten/Alasten?) on 25 Sept 1834 and sold to George Summey. It further appearing that the said George Summey & his sureties were unable to pay the whole of the pruchase money, tha lands were again sold by the Master (??) under & by virtue of a decree of thsi court and William Connelly became the purchaser at the sum of $1300 and hath paid the same, it is thereupon adjudged and decreed by the court now here that the Master (?) convey the title of the lands in the pleadings mentioned to the said William Connelly.
* Spring Term 1857 - Burke Co., NC - William Connelly vs Andrew Janes & others - In this case it is ordered that leave to ammend the said bill as the parties is allowed. A decree for a sale of the lands descended from Thomas Janes to his heirs at law, upon a bill filed by Rachel Janes & others praying a sale of the lands - William Connelly was the purchaser of the lands
* Burke Co., NC - Court of Equity - Petition of William Connelly against Benjamin F. Enloe & wife Mary, Angelina Janes, James Janes, Andrew Janes & George W. Janes and Nancy G. Janes - Petitioners represent that one Thomas Janes departed this life intestate in the year 1831 leaving him surviving his heirs at law, they being his only heirs at law - Jane Enloe, then the wife of B.F. Enloe, Mary Janes, Agnelina Janes, James Janes, Andrew Janes, George W. Janes and Nancy G. Janes and also leaving a widow Rachel Janes his widow & relict. The said Thomas Janes died siezed & possessed of a tract of land then situated in Burke Co., but now lying in McDowell Co. containing 100 acres, beginning on James Janes south east corner, to the river, with the river to the mouth of Janeses Creek, it being the tract whereon Thomas janes lived & on which Thomas J. Forney built a stone house now standing thereon. That at March Term 1834 of this court the above named heirs at law of Thomas Janes, dec'd united with the widow Rachel Janes in filing a bill of petition exparte for a sale of said tract of land.... Rachel Janes, widow of Thomas Janes is dead; that Jane Enloe, then the wife of B.F. Enloe is dead and Mary Janes has intermarried with the said B.F. Enloe since her sisters death, that Nancy G. Janes, Angelina Janes, James Janes & George W. Janes and Andrew Janes are non-residents and live outside the jurisdicition of this court - W.W. Avery Sol for petitioners {{No date}}} 
JANES, Thomas of Burke Co., NC (I420755)
39409 {{Find A Grave as 9 July 1962, but as of 5/29/2012 there is no image of the tombstone on the site to verify either way}} SWINDELL, Amanda Ellen "Manda" (I418817)
39410 {{NOTE: This is generally the birth date given for William Janes of Coles Co., IL}} JANES, William (I56506)
39411 {{Note: Tombstone definitely shows 9 Sept 1890}} SWINDELL, Joshua Frank (I418813)
39412 “After a year or more with the Indians, Nicholas Seybert arranged for the escape of his brothers and sisters. He had become a trustee with the Indians, and was allowed to carry on fur trading with the French. One evening when a wagon load of furs was taken out of camp he put his brothers and sisters in the bottom of the wagon, piling furs on top of them. As the wagon was driven away Nicholas remained at camp, manifesting surprise when the Indians discovered their disappearance. He pretended to be as disturbed as the Indians. That same night he made his escape.” {{"The Dyer Settlement -The Fort Seybert Massacre-Fort Seybert, West Virginia", by Mary Lee Keister Talbot}} SEYBERT, Nicholas (I56501)
39413 «tab»29 Nov 1889 - Nancy died intestate in the year 1887 & Anna was in court seeking the sale of the estate valued at three (?) hundred dollars. George C. Heard Sec for $600
«tab»Jan 1890 - Clarke Co., GA - Anna Gean appt. admin in the estate of Nancy B. Gean
«tab»15 Jan 1890 - Clarke Co., GA - petition of Anna Gean, admin of Nancy B. Gean to sell the Real Estate of Nancy B. Gean
«tab»5 May 1890 - Clarke Co., GA - Sale Bill of Real Estate of Mrs. Nancy B. Gean, by Anna Gean, Admin. - sold before the courthouse door in Athens, GA on Tuesday 1 April 1890 - 2 lots, 1 containing about 2 1/2 acres and 1 containing about 8 1/2 acres respectively lying on the Waikinsville Road. 
BONE, Nancy B. (I163)
39414 «u»linny1000001 (at) yahoo.com«/u» Source (S1136)
39415 «u»srtake@bellsouth.net«/u» Source (S1222)
39416 · Lewis Barker, Andrew Peddy, John McDaries (?), Lewis Lashly and Abraham Bledsoe all of Wake Co., NC, held firmly bound for Lewis Barker to be appt guardian to Bartlet Barker and Killingsworth Bartlet, minor orphans of the said Lewis Barker (?) - 18 Aug 1803 - signed by his mark Lewis “+” Barker, A. Peddy, John Medeares, by his mark Lewis “X” Lashly, and by his bark Abram “+” Bledso
· There is also a bond for Lewis Barker to be guardian of Sally Barker, with the same bondsman and signatures except for John Medeares
· Andrew Peddy, esqr was appt guardian of Polly Barker with John Peebles and Joseph Peebles as his bondsman - 18 Aug 1803 {{NOTE: Andrew Peddy married Jelia Barker in Wake Co., NC in 1781}}
· On the Third Monday of Aug 1804 a court was issued to the Sheriff to command Lewis Barker, Ju'r (?) to appear before the justices of the Wake Co., NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, in Raleigh, the 3 Monday of November to show cause why John Medearis, Abraham Bledsoe and Lewis Lashly should not be released as securities to the bond the said Lewis Barker was bound in for the true and lawful discharge of his duty as guardian to the orphans of William Barker, dec'd. {{He was summoned again to do this in February 1805}}
· June 1805 Term - Lewis Barker appeared agreeably to the within notice and surrendered his guardianship to the court. Whereupon the court ordered and adjudged and released the securities. The court thereupon granted the guardianship of Sally, Bartley, & Killingsworth Barker, orphans of William Barker, dec'd to William Barker who entered into bond with Mark Barker, Lewis Barker and Elijah Barker as securities.
· On 27 June 1805, William Barker was appt guardian of Killingsworth Barker, a minor orphan, with bondsman Mark Barker, Lewis Barker & Elijah Barker, all of Wake Co., NC. He was also appt guardian of Sally Barker & “Barlet” Barker, minor orphans, the same day with the same securities.
· 19 Nov 1807 Britain Utley was appt guardian of Bartlet Barker & Killingsworth Barker, with Simon Pearson & Dempsey Blake as his securities
· 16 May 1808 an accounting of the guardianship of Killingsworth Barker, orphan of William Barker, dec'd, notes that Killingsworth was boarding with a Joseph Brantley 
BARKER, William of Wake Co., NC (I12393)
39417 · An appraisement of the estate of B. Barkers property is dated 6 Dec 1826, and was recorded in Book F, page 87, Pulaski Co., GA - appraisers were W. Lancaster, Dan'l Cornwall and has Jones
· A Schedule of the notes and accounts found in the possession of Bartley Barker, dec'd by Furney F. Gattins (? Might be Gatlin/Gatlins), admin of the estate - includes notes from: Elijah Barker, Moses Yarborough, Randal Yarborough - dated this ___ day of ____ 1827 - Note there are pages and pages of the list of notes
· A list of the sale of the perishable property belonging to the estate of Bartlett Barker, dec'd is dated 19 & 20 January 1827 0items were sold to Darling Janes (Jones, Jaries, Jeses? It is written several times and definitely could be Darling Jenes), Furney F. Gatlin (?), Elijah Barker, Samuel Barker, and Westley Yarborough
· Jan Term 1827 - Pulaski Co., GA - Elijah Barker one of the next of kin and distribute in part of the estate of Bartlett Barker, dec'd enters his caveat against the probate of the will of said Barker, dec'd on the following grounds to wit: First for that the said will has not been registered within the time prescribed by law after the death of the testator. Second, for that the instrument purporting to be the will of the said Bartlett Barker is not his will nor according to his intentions. Third, for that the said will purports to dispose of real estate there is not a requisite number of witnesses. Fourth, for that at the time of the said will purports to have been made and many months previous, the said Bartlett Barker was not of sound disposing mind and memory, but in capacitated from making a will through the influence of extreme intemperance in the use of ardent _____ - Daniel Duhart Sturgis, Atty for Caveators - 13 Oct 1829 {{Note: There is no further information regarding this protest in the file, nor is their mention of the final settlement of the estate, so it is not clear what the end result was.}}
· 4 May 1829 - “to the estate of B. Barker” by sale of ____ land in Randolph, formerly Lee County, No. 52 - Furney F. Gallin, admin 
BARKER, Bartlett (I12182)
39418 ·«tab»David D Smith, with Wm L. Swain and Thompson Smith securities, was appt guardian of Lucretia Boyles, Pinckney Boyles, Emeline Boyles, Latitia Boyles & Laura Boyles, minor orphans. 3 Sept 1861
·«tab»To the Sheriff of Davidson Co., NC - whereas David Smith was appt guardian, by the Forsyth Co. Court, of Luceta Bayles/Boyles, Emeline Boyles, Lutitia Boyles and Laura Boyles, and whereas the said David Smith has failed to renew his bond as guardian, you are therefore commanded to summon the said David Smith to appear before the Justices of our Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, to be held in Forsyth county, at the courthouse in the town of Winston on the first Monday of June, next. This first Monday of March 1866. Order issued 1 May 1866 
BOYLES, Isham (I12033)

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