Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Bedford Co., TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, Thomas  22 Aug 1828Bedford Co., TN I6661
2 CARPENTER, John Wesley  Abt 1800Bedford Co., TN I6557
3 CARPENTER, Melea Ann  Sep 1830Bedford Co., TN I6660
4 CARPENTER, Noah Lee  29 Apr 1833Bedford Co., TN I8904
5 CARPENTER, Thomas Benjamin  27 Apr 1835Bedford Co., TN I8905
6 GEAN, James Henry "Jim"  3 Jun 1853Bedford Co., TN I720
7 HARMON, James W.  12 Apr 1843Bedford Co., TN I8770
8 HARMON, Richard Leoniches  18 Sep 1852Bedford Co., TN I7322
9 HAZLETT, Lee Gran  Abt 1853Bedford Co., TN I23025
10 HENLEY, Margaret L.  30 May 1851Bedford Co., TN I8918
11 JANES, Alice Elizabeth  14 Nov 1866Bedford Co., TN I1407
12 JANES, Benjamin T.  Abt 1861Bedford Co., TN I1405
13 PACE, Eliza Jane  7 Feb 1838Bedford Co., TN I64969
14 PACE, Samuel Moody  16 Mar 1842Bedford Co., TN I64971
15 PACE, William Ledfeter  7 Feb 1838Bedford Co., TN I64968
16 VANNOY, Joel T.  27 Apr 1825Bedford Co., TN I422078
17 WAGSTER, William  30 Mar 1822Bedford Co., TN I421610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Arthur  Abt 1854Bedford Co., TN I64950
2 JEANS, Curtis Dee  Apr 1988Bedford Co., TN I23038
3 MILLIKEN, Jane  Abt 1839Bedford Co., TN I64889
4 PACE, ?  Bef 1850Bedford Co., TN I64957
5 REYNOLDS, Elizabeth  Bef 1860Bedford Co., TN I64895
6 WHITE, Alvie Lavert  12 Mar 1967Bedford Co., TN I24063

1830 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1830 Census    Person ID 
1 MILLIKEN, Jane  1830Bedford Co., TN I64889
2 REYNOLDS, Richard  1830Bedford Co., TN I64835

1840 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1840 Census    Person ID 
1 Zilpha  1840Bedford Co., TN I64833
2 JANES, Most likely Thomas C. of Bedford Co., TN & AR  1840Bedford Co., TN I64783
3 REYNOLDS, Richard  1840Bedford Co., TN I64835

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 GEAN, James Henry "Jim"  4 Jun 1843Bedford Co., TN I720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 JEANS, Kurtis Thomas  29 Nov 1963Bedford Co., TN I22458

Tax List

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List    Person ID 
1 JANES, Most likely Thomas C. of Bedford Co., TN & AR  1836Bedford Co., TN I64783
2 JANES, Most likely Thomas C. of Bedford Co., TN & AR  1838Bedford Co., TN I64783
3 JANES, Most likely Thomas C. of Bedford Co., TN & AR  1839Bedford Co., TN I64783
4 JEAN, Phillip of Franklin Co., TN  1812Bedford Co., TN I424449
5 JEAN, Possibly Wiley family of Bedford Co., TN  1838Bedford Co., TN I714
6 JEAN, Possibly Wiley family of Bedford Co., TN  1839Bedford Co., TN I714
7 JEANS, Hardy of Bedford Co., TN  1812Bedford Co., TN I424450


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMPBELL / REYNOLDS  Bedford Co., TN F24614
2 CARPENTER / MCGUIRE  Abt 1829Bedford Co., TN F7031
3 CARPENTER / SHARP  Abt 1869Bedford Co., TN F2997
4 HARMON / JONES  9 Oct 1861Bedford Co., TN F2767
5 HARMON / KOONTZ  16 Jun 1908Bedford Co., TN F3276
6 HAZLETT / JEAN  3 Oct 1861Bedford Co., TN F248
7 HOPPER / GREER  18 Nov 1869Bedford Co., TN F6559
8 JANES /   Bedford Co., TN F267
9 REED / HARMON  6 Sep 1888Bedford Co., TN F3272
10 REYNOLDS / BROWN  Bedford Co., TN F24615
11 REYNOLDS / HUDLOW  Abt 1820Bedford Co., TN F24613
12 REYNOLDS / JEANS  Abt 1828Bedford Co., TN F24593
13 THORN / HAZLETT  24 Jul 1890Bedford Co., TN F163835