Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Fannie Lee  29 Dec 1883Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72493
2 BENNETT, William Monroe  1854Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72491
3 HORTMAN, Dora Marie  9 Feb 1929Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I424612
4 KENNEDY, Eliza  25 Oct 1881Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72496
5 KENNEDY, Eugene  8 Mar 1879Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I21387
6 KENNEDY, Roger Quarles  28 Dec 1885Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72498
7 LACY, Annabell  30 Jan 1892Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2453
8 LACY, Edwin P.  12 Dec 1899Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2454
9 LACY, Fannie Jewell  2 Jun 1895Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2501
10 LACY, Franklin Reeves  16 Nov 1891Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2452
11 LACY, Hillary Abner  16 Nov 1893Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2505
12 LACY, Mary E. "Mollie"  1866Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I5029
13 LACY, Mollie Estelle  24 Feb 1897Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2502
14 LACY, Salley Rainey  1 Apr 1884Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2450
15 QUARLES, Angie Lucille  22 Apr 1901Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I7274
16 QUARLES, Anna C. "Annie"  29 Jan 1854Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2367
17 QUARLES, Billy Caro  16 Jun 1927Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72475
18 QUARLES, Caro  15 Jun 1861Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2369
19 QUARLES, Caro  14 Jan 1890Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2385
20 QUARLES, Clarence P.  5 Jan 1856Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2368
21 QUARLES, Earl Roger  20 Sep 1888Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72472
22 QUARLES, Gertrude  20 Sep 1874Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2375
23 QUARLES, Jack  28 May 1905Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I420866
24 QUARLES, Judy  1872Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2374
25 QUARLES, Lena  22 Oct 1894Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2427
26 QUARLES, Malcom Royalston Sr.  17 Feb 1870Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2373
27 QUARLES, Norman  30 Oct 1857Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2779
28 QUARLES, Samuel "Sam"  11 Jan 1866Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2371
29 QUARLES, William Breckenridge "Breck"  14 Oct 1867Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2372
30 QUARLES, William Hillary "Hill"  15 Jan 1884Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2051
31 RAINEY, Al "Allie" Dirden  19 Jun 1926Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2560
32 RAINEY, Annie  10 Jun 1863Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2449
33 RAINEY, Arthur Dirden "Rascal"  3 Mar 1903Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2346
34 RAINEY, Aulsey Theodore  4 Apr 1909Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2622
35 RAINEY, Lida  2 Feb 1861Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2473
36 RAINEY, Lula  27 Feb 1858Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2472
37 RAINEY, Mary Elizabeth  26 Jan 1906Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2624
38 RAINEY, William Frank "Bill"  7 Jul 1934Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2562
39 WATTS, Georgia A. C.  Dec 1859Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I3781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CROMWELL, Sallie  18 Jan 1952Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2423
2 CUBLEY, Georgia Rebecca  24 Feb 1909Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2451
3 KENNEDY, Eugene  14 Dec 1934Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I21387
4 KENNEDY, Mary Virginia  30 Jan 1905Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72490
5 KNOX, Marion Anderson  11 Oct 1911Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72483
6 LACY, Joseph W.  20 Dec 1902Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I211
7 LACY, Martha Rebecca  Feb 1908Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2413
8 LACY, Mary E. "Mollie"  Abt Feb 1884Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I5029
9 NEAL, Eliza Catharine  2 Feb 1876Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I5051
10 QUARLES, Anna C. "Annie"  2 Feb 1925Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2367
11 QUARLES, Anne Elizabeth  14 Aug 1903Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2464
12 QUARLES, Caro Marboise  28 Jan 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2382
13 QUARLES, Earl Roger  6 Mar 1921Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72472
14 QUARLES, Judy  1874Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2374
15 QUARLES, Norman  9 Oct 1898Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2779
16 QUARLES, Peter Lafayette  11 Apr 1902Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2380
17 QUARLES, William Washington "Billy"  9 Sep 1879Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I5040
18 RAINEY, Franklin Caro  10 Dec 1936Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2474
19 TIPTON, Angeline "Angie"  23 Apr 1943Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2584
20 WATTS, Georgia A. C.  1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I3781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 QUARLES, Malcom Royalston Sr.  7 Nov 1931Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2373

1880 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID 
1 BURDETT, John Pinkney  Jun 1880Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72452
2 JOWERS, Annie Lacy  Jun 1880Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I21458

1900 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID 
1 QUARLES, Bessie  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72473
2 QUARLES, Earl Roger  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72472
3 QUARLES, Loula  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72469
4 QUARLES, Malcom Royalston Sr.  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2373
5 QUARLES, Ruby  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72470
6 QUARLES, Todd  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72468
7 TIPTON, Angeline "Angie"  9 Jul 1900Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2584

1910 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 Census    Person ID 
1 FIELDS, Dollie Alenor  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2620
2 RAINEY, Arthur Dirden "Rascal"  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2346
3 RAINEY, Aulsey Theodore  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2622
4 RAINEY, Franklin Caro  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2474
5 RAINEY, Mary Elizabeth  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2624
6 RAINEY, Nathaniel P.  22 Apr 1910Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2621

1920 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID 
1 FIELDS, Dollie Alenor  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2620
2 RAINEY, Arthur Dirden "Rascal"  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2346
3 RAINEY, Aulsey Theodore  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2622
4 RAINEY, Dollie Ora  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72464
5 RAINEY, Franklin Caro  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2474
6 RAINEY, Mary Elizabeth  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2624
7 RAINEY, Nathaniel P.  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2621
8 RAINEY, Vernon  28 Jan 1920Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72465

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 KENNEDY, Roger Quarles  28 Dec 1886Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I72498
2 LACY, Mollie Estelle  27 Feb 1898Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX I2502


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENNETT / WATTS  14 Mar 1878Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX F27061
2 WHITT / QUARLES  Nov 1863Elkhart, Anderson Co., TX F953