Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Humphreys Co., TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FERGUSON, William S.  1809Humphreys Co., TN I10310
2 NORMAN, Jonathan  Jun 1838Humphreys Co., TN I10323
3 PERRY, Isaac Marshall  16 Nov 1856Humphreys Co., TN I56674
4 TROGDEN, Sarah Finch  16 Aug 1860Humphreys Co., TN I56681


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOX, Lamira E.  31 Dec 1882Humphreys Co., TN I9194
2 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  Between 20 Oct 1847 and Nov 1848Humphreys Co., TN I8458
3 HARMON, Henry L.  Bef 13 Mar 1854Humphreys Co., TN I8463
4 PERRY, Dr. Eli  Jul 1897Humphreys Co., TN I10306
5 PERRY, Isaac Marshall  14 Feb 1931Humphreys Co., TN I56674
6 PERRY, Jesse  1868Humphreys Co., TN I56683
7 WHITE, Amanda M. "Cat"  Abt 1870Humphreys Co., TN I8457
8 WHITE, Mary Frances "Fanny"  Bef 11 Dec 1869Humphreys Co., TN I10307

1840 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1840 Census    Person ID 
1 WHITE, Eli  1840Humphreys Co., TN I7437

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8460
2 Nancy  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8466
3 Narcissa A. N.  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8465
4 BOX, Allen  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8480
5 BOX, Ellen K.  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9196
6 BOX, Felix  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9197
7 BOX, Henry Allen  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9192
8 BOX, Henry Herman  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417610
9 BOX, Lamira E.  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9194
10 BOX, Mason Jr.  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9198
11 BOX, Mason  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8482
12 BOX, Moses  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9193
13 BOX, Moses Mason  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417612
14 BOX, Nancy  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417609
15 BOX, Nancy  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9191
16 BOX, Susan  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9195
17 BOX, Susan Elizabeth  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417611
18 BOX, Washington  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I9190
19 EPPERSON, Reuben Harmon  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417608
20 HARMON, Catherine  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8461
21 HARMON, Elizabeth  3 Oct 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8481
22 HARMON, Frances  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8473
23 HARMON, Henry  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8468
24 HARMON, Henry L.  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8463
25 HARMON, Katherine  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8470
26 HARMON, Margaret L.  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8462
27 HARMON, Martha  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8471
28 HARMON, Mary Elizabeth  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8467
29 HARMON, Nancy M.  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8472
30 HARMON, Narcissa  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8474
31 HARMON, Peter L.  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8464
32 HARMON, Sarah L. "Sallie"  1850Humphreys Co., TN I8452
33 HARMON, Susan  9 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8469
34 HARMON, Susan L.  4 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8479
35 HOBBS, Eli White  1850Humphreys Co., TN I11504
36 HOBBS, Helen  1850Humphreys Co., TN I11505
37 HOBBS, William N. "Crabtoe"  1850Humphreys Co., TN I10308
38 MARTIN, Elizabeth C.  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417618
39 MARTIN, Frances  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8485
40 MARTIN, James Jr.  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8486
41 MARTIN, James H.  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8478
42 MARTIN, Margaret  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417617
43 MARTIN, Napoleon  5 Sep 1850Humphreys Co., TN I417616
44 MORGAN, James  1850Humphreys Co., TN I10305
45 PERRY, Dr. Eli  1850Humphreys Co., TN I10306
46 WHITE, Amanda M. "Cat"  1850Humphreys Co., TN I8457
47 WHITE, Eli  1850Humphreys Co., TN I7437
48 WHITE, Margarett  1850Humphreys Co., TN I8456
49 WHITE, Mary Frances "Fanny"  1850Humphreys Co., TN I10307
50 WHITE, Nancy Aletta  1850Humphreys Co., TN I8455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Nancy  7 Jun 1886Humphreys Co., TN I8466
2 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  5 FebHumphreys Co., TN I8458
3 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  Nov 1848Humphreys Co., TN I8458
4 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  1 Jan 1850Humphreys Co., TN I8458
5 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  27 Sep 1853Humphreys Co., TN I8458
6 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  Mar 1854Humphreys Co., TN I8458
7 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  18 Sep 1856Humphreys Co., TN I8458
8 HARMON, Henry L.  1 Mar 1854Humphreys Co., TN I8463
9 HARMON, Henry L.  20 Apr 1854Humphreys Co., TN I8463
10 HARMON, Henry L.  5 Jun 1854Humphreys Co., TN I8463


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 HARMON, Henry of Humphreys Co., TN  20 Oct 1847Humphreys Co., TN I8458


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOX / BROWN  14 Dec 1865Humphreys Co., TN F161962
2 CLARK / HARMON  21 Jul 1867Humphreys Co., TN F161960
3 PERRY / LUMSDEN  Abt 1855Humphreys Co., TN F3694
4 PERRY / WHITE  14 Apr 1867Humphreys Co., TN F3094