Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Slocum, Anderson Co., TX



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LACY, Henry Hughes  6 Feb 1871Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I215
2 LACY, Joseph W.  Mar 1858Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I211
3 QUARLES, Albon Carroll "Boo"  27 Jul 1932Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I128
4 QUARLES, Doyal Clarice  8 May 1916Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2357
5 QUARLES, Gedie Hill  6 Feb 1920Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I126
6 QUARLES, Lela Adkerson "Addie"  4 Jul 1907Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2355
7 QUARLES, Marshall Ray "Slocum"  22 Nov 1924Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I129
8 QUARLES, Martin Leonard  10 Jul 1905Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I120
9 QUARLES, Dr. Norman Kerrigan "Keg"  22 Nov 1918Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2358
10 QUARLES, Ola Lazell  25 Jun 1911Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2044
11 QUARLES, Royal Carmon "Red or Roy"  8 Mar 1909Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 QUARLES, William Hillary "Hill"  3 Apr 1959Slocum, Anderson Co., TX I2051