Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie B.  Abt 1861WV I58950
2 Fanny R.  Aug 1859WV I58773
3 Mary  Abt 1815WV I15012
4 AKIN, Pvt. Robert Dale  25 Jan 1955WV I63440
5 ANNON, John C.  Jan 1872WV I14993
6 BENDER, Mary E.  Abt 1877WV I58723
7 CARDER, Elizabeth  WV I58785
8 CLINE, Della  May 1893WV I15030
9 CLINE, Idia T.  Mar 1883WV I15027
10 CLINE, Morna  Sep 1890WV I15029
11 CLINE, Rosa M.  Sep 1887WV I15028
12 CLINE, Susan L.  Oct 1877WV I15025
13 CLINE, Thomas A.  Jan 1880WV I15026
14 COON, Jennie G.  20 Jul 1893WV I58633
15 COON, Lela  Dec 1899WV I58635
16 COON, William L.  8 Mar 1867WV I58623
17 COOPER, Amanda  Abt 1854WV I58948
18 COX, Alexander D.  Jul 1885WV I15041
19 COX, Henry G.  Oct 1881WV I15039
20 COX, Irwing Mckinly  Aug 1896WV I15043
21 COX, James H.  May 1892WV I15042
22 COX, John Winfield W.  Dec 1856WV I15015
23 COX, Lewis W.  May 1883WV I15040
24 COX, Nancy S.  May 1880WV I15014
25 ENGLAND, Catherine  Abt 1846WV I14977
26 FEATHER, Charles Dale  8 Feb 1886WV I421369
27 FORTNEY, Ellen M.  Jul 1866WV I58618
28 FORTNEY, John M.  1807WV I58912
29 FREEMAN, Blanch  Feb 1887WV I15034
30 FREEMAN, Clyde M.  Apr 1896WV I15036
31 FREEMAN, Eddie  Apr 1890WV I15035
32 FREEMAN, Edward  Aug 1858WV I15013
33 FREEMAN, Laura M.  Apr 1885WV I15033
34 FREEMAN, Lottie Grace  Jun 1898WV I15037
35 GRIFFIN, Lydia A.  21 Mar 1860WV I58751
36 ISNER, George H.  May 1878WV I15024
37 ISNER, Harvey  Feb 1876WV I15023
38 ISNER, James  Jun 1850WV I15010
39 ISNER, James L.  May 1882WV I15031
40 ISNER, Rufus Bulin  Jan 1874WV I15022
41 ISNER, Tom B.  Apr 1884WV I15032
42 JAMES, Dr. Austin A.  WV I58784
43 JANES, Adalade "Addie"  Dec 1882WV I58569
44 JANES, Annie  May 1884WV I15045
45 JANES, Bell  Jul 1887WV I15046
46 JANES, Carson  Abt 1874WV I58946
47 JANES, Catharine  Nov 1850WV I64682
48 JANES, Charles  Abt 1879WV I58951
49 JANES, Charles W.  Aug 1869WV I58918
50 JANES, Clifton R.  9 Jul 1869WV I58544

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