Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Moore Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVENT, George W.  12 Jan 1839Moore Co., NC I11204
2 COLE, Ralph G.  29 Jan 1885Moore Co., NC I60905
3 COUNCILMAN, John Manley  4 May 1882Moore Co., NC I60723
4 COX, Ruth  25 Feb 1826Moore Co., NC I416170
5 DICKENS, James A.  2 Jan 1850Moore Co., NC I420474
6 FOUST, Annie Maude  31 Jan 1878Moore Co., NC I416992
7 GLOSSON, Martha  30 Jan 1892Moore Co., NC I420175
8 GLOSSON, Susan  5 Feb 1875Moore Co., NC I420171
9 GUNTER, John D.  23 Nov 1872Moore Co., NC I11103
10 GUNTER, Mary Turner  15 Sep 1848Moore Co., NC I11096
11 HARRINGTON, Charles G.  3 Feb 1868Moore Co., NC I7655
12 HARRINGTON, John D.  30 Dec 1870Moore Co., NC I7656
13 HARRINGTON, Mary  Apr 1843Moore Co., NC I15670
14 KNIGHT, Arthur C.  May 1886Moore Co., NC I416238
15 MCDANIEL, Daniel  1784Moore Co., NC I64732
16 MCFARLAND, Elizabeth "Bettie"  13 Nov 1870Moore Co., NC I7665
17 MCFARLAND, Elizabeth Jane  Aug 1822Moore Co., NC I416203
18 MCIVER, Benjamin Jay  21 Jul 1857Moore Co., NC I16096
19 MINTER, Mary F.  9 Aug 1862Moore Co., NC I7661
20 MINTER, Thomas J.  4 Jul 1859Moore Co., NC I7659
21 MURCHISON, Mary "Polly"  22 Jun 1798Moore Co., NC I7451
22 PASCHAL, Minnie J.  1 May 1872Moore Co., NC I60712
23 PASCHAL, Nathan Robert  20 Aug 1866Moore Co., NC I60710
24 TEMPLE, Cornelia J.  26 Jun 1842Moore Co., NC I11098
25 THOMAS, Virginia  6 Oct 1853Moore Co., NC I416215
26 TYSON, Neill Thomas  18 Jun 1826Moore Co., NC I5056
27 WOOD, Connie  12 Aug 1894Moore Co., NC I60946
28 YARBROUGH, David A.  Feb 1830Moore Co., NC I416198


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Temperance  May 1830Moore Co., NC I419419
2 BOBBITT, Drury  1824Moore Co., NC I19562
3 BROOKS, Terrell  1878Moore Co., NC I15359
4 BRYAN, Reddin  29 Oct 1850Moore Co., NC I7714
5 HARRINGTON, Thomas  17 Jul 1852Moore Co., NC I7627
6 HARRINGTON, Thomas A. or H.  6 Nov 1899Moore Co., NC I7648
7 MURCHISON, Mary "Polly"  27 Dec 1887Moore Co., NC I7451
8 RIDDLE, James  Jan 1802Moore Co., NC I419417
9 TYSON, Cornelius "Neill"  10 Dec 1866Moore Co., NC I7450
10 WICKER, Benjamin Of Moore Co., Nc  Between 17 Apr 1809 and Aug 1809Moore Co., NC I420428
11 WICKER, Jonathan  1840-1845Moore Co., NC I420431
12 WOMBLE, Cornelius Hugh  23 Dec 1904Moore Co., NC I14264

1790 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1790 Census    Person ID 
1 WICKER, Benjamin Of Moore Co., Nc  1790Moore Co., NC I420428
2 WICKER, David W. Of Moore Co., Nc  1790Moore Co., NC I420453
3 WICKER, Jonathan  1790Moore Co., NC I420431
4 YARBROUGH, Benjamin of Moore Co., NC  1790Moore Co., NC I11169

1800 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1800 Census    Person ID 
1 WICKER, Benjamin Of Moore Co., Nc  1800Moore Co., NC I420428
2 WICKER, Jonathan  1800Moore Co., NC I420431
3 WICKER, Pleasant  1800Moore Co., NC I420548

1810 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1810 Census    Person ID 
1 Mildred "Milly"  1810Moore Co., NC I420425
2 Millicent "Milly"  1810Moore Co., NC I420430
3 WICKER, David W. Of Moore Co., Nc  1810Moore Co., NC I420453
4 WICKER, Jesse  1810Moore Co., NC I420550
5 WICKER, Johnson  1810Moore Co., NC I420551
6 WICKER, Jonathan  1810Moore Co., NC I420431

1820 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1820 Census    Person ID 
1 WICKER, Jesse  1820Moore Co., NC I420550
2 WICKER, Johnson  1820Moore Co., NC I420551

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1850Moore Co., NC I7453
2 DYE, Sarah Jane  18 Sep 1850Moore Co., NC I420440
3 ELKINS, Dicey  1850Moore Co., NC I7455
4 ELKINS, Eliza  1850Moore Co., NC I7457
5 ELKINS, John  1850Moore Co., NC I7454
6 ELKINS, Lydia  1850Moore Co., NC I3470
7 ELKINS, Rebecca  1850Moore Co., NC I7456
8 ELKINS, Wade  1850Moore Co., NC I7452
9 GROCE, Delia A.  1850Moore Co., NC I3459
10 GROCE, Hezekiah  1850Moore Co., NC I3514
11 GROCE, Hezekiah  1850Moore Co., NC I1214
12 PHILLIPS, Lydia A.  22 Oct 1850Moore Co., NC I5359
13 PHILLIPS, Robert H. "Bob"  22 Oct 1850Moore Co., NC I238
14 WICKER, Archibald  18 Sep 1850Moore Co., NC I420484
15 WICKER, Frances C. "Fannie"  18 Sep 1850Moore Co., NC I22889
16 WICKER, Nancy  18 Sep 1850Moore Co., NC I420442
17 WICKER, Sarah A. Elizabeth  18 Sep 1850Moore Co., NC I420441

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  28 Jul 1860Moore Co., NC I7453
2 ELKINS, Rebecca  28 Jul 1860Moore Co., NC I7456
3 ELKINS, Wade  28 Jul 1860Moore Co., NC I7452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 LAWRENCE, Thompson  10 Aug 1886Moore Co., NC I6049
2 WICKER, Benjamin Of Moore Co., Nc  17 Apr 1809Moore Co., NC I420428
3 WICKER, David W. Of Moore Co., Nc  26 Dec 1807Moore Co., NC I420453


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURNS / MCNAIR  Bef 10 Jun 1845Moore Co., NC F23744
2 COUNCILMAN / PASCHAL  4 Oct 1892Moore Co., NC F23155
3 GROCE / MORRIS  1870Moore Co., NC F2161
4 MINTER / MCFARLAND  20 Oct 1901Moore Co., NC F2840
5 THOMAS / YARBROUGH  19 Nov 1890Moore Co., NC F161520
6 TYSON / MURCHISON  18 May 1812Moore Co., NC F2785