Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Plum, Fayette Co., TX



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KORENEK, Adolph J.  1903Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5703
2 KORENEK, Emilie Agnes "Millie"  12 Jul 1902Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4035
3 KORENEK, Franciscus  28 Dec 1894Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5681
4 KORENEK, Jerome John  8 Mar 1898Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5686
5 KORENEK, John V. "Johnnie"  10 Sep 1905Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4152
6 KORENEK, Joseph Louis "Joe"  9 Jul 1888Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4031
7 KORENEK, Lillie S.  Abt Nov 1895Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5700
8 KORENEK, Paul Joseph  26 Sep 1897Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5708
9 KORENEK, Vlasta A.  1901Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5702
10 KOSTKA, Cecilia  Feb 1893Plum, Fayette Co., TX I421197
11 MATOCHA, Adolph John Sr.  16 Sep 1899Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4173
12 MATOCHA, Aemilia Anna  30 Jan 1892Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5632
13 MATOCHA, Agnes Francis  26 Sep 1904Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3403
14 MATOCHA, Albina Victoria  5 Sep 1897Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4024
15 MATOCHA, Alfred Albert  30 Jan 1896Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4176
16 MATOCHA, Anna "Annie" V.  29 Dec 1897Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5634
17 MATOCHA, Antonie E. "Tonnie"  28 Dec 1890Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5631
18 MATOCHA, Beatrice Margaret "Bessie"  11 Sep 1924Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5616
19 MATOCHA, Frank Leon  17 Jan 1936Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5620
20 MATOCHA, Infant  3 Jan 1924Plum, Fayette Co., TX I68487
21 MATOCHA, Isabel Martha "Issie or Izzie"  20 Aug 1918Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5615
22 MATOCHA, John Frank  22 Jul 1894Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5633
23 MATOCHA, Josef "Joe" Leopold  28 Dec 1906Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5638
24 MATOCHA, Lawrence Joseph  2 Oct 1928Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5643
25 MATOCHA, Leo Raymond "Lee Roy"  2 Aug 1932Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5619
26 MATOCHA, Lillian Betty  21 May 1922Plum, Fayette Co., TX I2236
27 MATOCHA, Louis Anton Jr.  17 Jan 1936Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5621
28 MATOCHA, Louis J. Sr.  18 Nov 1888Plum, Fayette Co., TX I2238
29 MATOCHA, Louis Mathew  5 Jul 1896Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3235
30 MATOCHA, Lucy Amelia  5 Aug 1927Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5618
31 MATOCHA, Olga Maria Agnes  2 Sep 1910Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5641
32 MATOCHA, Peter Paul  18 Feb 1912Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5639
33 MATOCHA, Sophie Rosie  27 Oct 1902Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5636
34 MATOCHA, Vlasta P. "Louisa"  16 Jul 1899Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5635
35 VASEK, Josephine Frances "Josie"  10 Jan 1912Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARON, Anna W.  15 Nov 1954Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5698
2 HAJEK, August Paul  8 Jul 1961Plum, Fayette Co., TX I421128
3 JANUS, Frantiska A.  3 Apr 1907Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5679
4 KORENEK, Anna R.  8 Jul 1946Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3569
5 KORENEK, Frank Alois  2 Sep 1911Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5678
6 KORENEK, Joseph J.  25 Jul 1941Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5676
7 KOSTKA, Frances  19 Jan 1911Plum, Fayette Co., TX I421196
8 LESKOVJAN, Mariana "Mary"  22 Sep 1935Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4013
9 MATOCHA, Anna "Annie" V.  5 Jun 1996Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5634
10 MATOCHA, Frank Leon  22 Feb 1936Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5620
11 MATOCHA, Infant  3 Jan 1924Plum, Fayette Co., TX I68487
12 MATOCHA, Jan Joseph  5 Jun 1943Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3458
13 MATOCHA, John Frank  1 Jun 1925Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5633
14 MATOCHA, Josef "Joe" Leopold  May 1996Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5638
15 PONCIK, Eva  27 Nov 1932Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4235
16 ZBRANEK, Katerina "Katie"  1909Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3791
17 ZBRANEK, Louis Frank  8 Jul 1928Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MATOCHA, Infant  4 Jan 1924Plum, Fayette Co., TX I68487

1920 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID 
1 Maria Anna L. "Marie or Mary"  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21604
2 KORENEK, Albina  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21614
3 KORENEK, Anna R.  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3569
4 KORENEK, Joseph J.  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5676
5 KORENEK, Julie  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21607
6 KORENEK, Louis Dominek  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21612
7 KORENEK, Mary  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21608
8 KORENEK, Tonnie "Toni"  20 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I21613
9 LESKOVJAN, Mariana "Mary"  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4013
10 MATOCHA, Agnes Francis  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3403
11 MATOCHA, Antonie E. "Tonnie"  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5631
12 MATOCHA, Edward Lawrence  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5622
13 MATOCHA, Isabel Martha "Issie or Izzie"  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5615
14 MATOCHA, Jan Joseph  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3458
15 MATOCHA, John Frank  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5633
16 MATOCHA, Josef "Joe" Leopold  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5638
17 MATOCHA, Louis Mathew  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3235
18 MATOCHA, Olga Maria Agnes  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5641
19 MATOCHA, Peter Paul  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5639
20 MATOCHA, Sophie Rosie  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I5636
21 PONCIK, Eva  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4235
22 VACULA, Joseph "Joe" Sr.  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I4177
23 VACULA, Joseph J. "Joe"  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I2253
24 ZBRANEK, Emilie V.  30 Jan 1920Plum, Fayette Co., TX I3347


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELOTA / MATOCHA  14 Nov 1916Plum, Fayette Co., TX F1645
2 KORENEK / ZVONEK  10 Mar 1909Plum, Fayette Co., TX F1629