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regarding Geen/Gean/Jean/Jane/Jayne (e, es, s) family publications!

If you know of a book that is currently available for Geen/Gean/Jean/Jane/Jayne (e, es, s) family researchers please let us know and we will put the information up on the site.

  • "Records Of The Jeanes-Janes Family Of England And "Parts Beyond The Seas"" by Renee Newman

    It is with great pride that I announce that my site co-host Renee Newman has put together a book that will be of great interest to many of our family researchers. ~Mel Harman The book is now available in paperback at for only $27.00 plus tax & shipping. Click here to order your copy

    Description: Over 200 pages of records including transcribed wills, land and court documents, and merchant records. Primarily Somerset, Dorset and London, including merchant activity of the London family within Colonial Virginia. Also there are some records for Devon, Gloucester, and Oxford. The records document the changes made to the surname by various families. The wills are primarily from 1550's throught 1700 and the various records are from the 1300's through the 1700's. Surname variations Jeanes, Jean, Janes, Jane, Genys, Jenys, Jenis and others. Renee has worked countless hours and spent countless money ordering these wills and records from England and then transcribing them.

  • "The Janes Family: A Geanealogy and Brief History of the Descendants of William Janes", by Rev. Frederic Janes originally published in 1868 and available at Google Books. Click here for a copy.

    Description: The purpose of the book was to give "a simple line of narrative of the descendants of William Janes" who emigrated to the US in 1637 and settled in the New Haven colony. This book is an awesome start for descendants of this family, and is often well documented. Please remember though there are many records available now that weren't then (as well as some available then, and not now). There are known errors in his book, and even places in the book where he states that he is not 100% sure of the validity of some of the information he had been sent.

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