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Genealogy begins as an interest...

Becomes a hobby...

Continues as an avocation...

Takes over as an obsession...

And in its last stages...

Is an incurable disease.

-Author Unknown

How do you participate in the Jean Family DNA Project?

If you are a male Jean family descendant, we strongly encourage you to participate in the Y-Chromosome DNA project. Currently there is really only one company we would recommend you use for the Y-chromosome DNA Project, which is Family Tree DNA (aka: FTDNA). [Note: Family Tree DNA does not offer tests below 37-markers. The costs of these kits have come down and depending on your line we can sometimes help you find people to help pay for the kit. ]

Information for Family Tree DNA is:

          First determine which Paternal Lineal Test you would like to take, and then order the test at Family Tree DNA Jean Family Project. Make sure you join the Jean, Jane, Jayne family DNA Project when you are ordering so you will receive the project discount.

Y-DNA 37 (Y-Chromosome 37) > Recommended & Preferred - For male participants only. $119

Y-DNA 111 (Y-Chromosome 111) > Recommended & Preferred - For male participants only. $249

New - DNA Family Chromosome Testing

          There are currently three companies that we are aware of with Jean Family projects. Some participants have done the testing through all three companies. There are even ways you can download your results and compare them. This testing will not 100% prove any of your lineage, but it can help you determine if you are on the right track and is the first type of testing known to help both male and female descendants. Currently we encourage those who have not already tested to use They often run sales on the kits around holidays, but at $99 it is still a great price and so far we have found their site easier to use. The more people who test the easier it is to identify family circles and several female lines have had great success with this test. There is no project to join, but once you get your results in let us know and we'll help walk you through finding your Jean matches and determining which line you descend from (if you don't already know).

  • AncestryDNA Kit - If you have no preference, we recommend this one. Currently their site is a little more user friendly. Kits are $99, plus shipping & handling; they will run them on sale sometimes for as low as $69 so if you are wanting to save money, kep an eye out.

  • Family Finder - Family Tree DNA calls their kit the Family Finder. Kits are $89, plus shipping & handling

  • 23andMe - While we have a few known descendants who have tested at 23andMe, they have also tested at AncestryDNA and/or FamilyTreeDNA. Kits are $99, plus shipping & handling
    Note: Prices are current as of Jul 2021
    & it is possible to order and pay for the test for someone else.
              Once you have ordered and received your kit, you will need to collect your DNA sample. This is is easy and painless, and does not require blood to be drawn. You will then return your kit to the appropriate company and within a few weeks, your results will be ready. No blood sample needed!

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