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Genealogy begins as an interest...

Becomes a hobby...

Continues as an avocation...

Takes over as an obsession...

And in its last stages...

Is an incurable disease.

-Author Unknown

Welcome to the Jean Family DNA Project!

          If you have spent any time researching your "Jean" family history, you have probably reached a point where you cannot identify earlier ancestors. Perhaps you have documented 3 generations, or 6, or 8. But, at some point the Jean trail grows cold. You are not alone! Every Jean researcher (actually, every researcher of any family) has reached the same point at one time or another (the famous "brick wall").

          Renee and I started the Gean~ealogy site in 2005 after working together on our Gean family from Chatham Co., NC for over a year (that was just together, seperately we had spent over 15 years each trying to climb the same brick wall). By working together, combining our knowledge, and ordering 100's of pages of court & deed records we were able to figure out what happened. With so many Philip, John, William & Jesse Jean's in the same area, several had been combined, causing more than just a few problems for Jean researchers in NC.

          Additionally, we learned the name has changed more than we initially thought over the years. The name has changed from one generation to the next, and sometimes during the same generation. To date we have found the name as
Gains, Gean, Geanes, Geans, Geen, Geenes, Geens, Jains, Jane, Janes, Jayne, Jaynes, Jean, Jeanes, and Jeans. At least one Geen/Gheen line became Jean, so we have added the surname Gheen to our Gean~ealogy Family Research. Adding to our research problems is how the name is often indexed… often as Jones or James and several times we have seen it as June & Green, and once as Graves. It is perfectly understandable why we are all having so many problems. We have even seen the name change two or three times in the same document. Our Gean~ealogy tree has been up and running on Rootsweb and on the Gean~ealogy site now for two years. During that time we have added thousands of individuals, and are constantly making contact with new cousins/researchers who help us add to, update and correct the tree.

          After climbing our brick wall in Chatham Co., NC we came to our next brick wall with the Jean family. Therefore in 2006 we turned to dna as a possible solution. A lot of work has already been done to document a large number of Jean lineages, and we currenlty know of at least 10 different lines from all over the United States, who possibly connect at some point in their past. However, important questions about connections and origins remain.

          The Jean Family DNA Project is intended to help provide additional answers to those questions. DNA testing is not a magic wand that can solve every mystery or answer every question. Our goal is to assist genealogical research and to provide general insight concerning our family's overall history and genetic composition. DNA should be used as a companion tool to prove or disprove research, determine relationships, and to provide clues for further research.

          We invite you to learn more about DNA Genealogy Testing and our Jean DNA Project. If you are a male, with a Jean surname, or one of it's variants, we strongly encourage you to become a participant in the Jean Family DNA Project. If you are a female relative (sister, daughter, etc) we encourage you to have at least one male from your line test/participate. If you have any questions, or are interested in sponsoring someone, please let us know. Hopefully by working together we will help everyone achieve their goal of finding out who their immigrant Gean/Jean/Jane/Jayne ancestor is.

Renee Newman & Mel Harman

Site Created: Sunday, 1 January 2006
Last Updated: Saturday, 10 July 2021