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JEAN, John of Charles City & Prince George Co., VA

Male Bef 1645 - 1705  (~ 60 )

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  • Name JEAN, John  [1
    Suffix of Charles City & Prince George Co., VA 
    Born Bef 1645  Charles City Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location  [2, 3
    Gender Male 
    Died 1695-1705  Prince George Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    • (Research):Note: From the research of Renee Newman - Charles City Co., VA - in the estate of Ann Young - Maj. Poythress & Mr. Robert Bolling gave bond of 60 sterling; Mr. John Jean & Mr. Peter Read gave bond in the same amount (securities); the estate was to be equally divided between orphans of the dec'd. Ann was the daughter of Peter Read and the widow of Dorrill Young who died abt 1677 in Charles City Co., VA. Dorrill Young & Ann Read-Young had four children: a daughter Joan and sons John, Thomas & Dorrill Jr. {{Robert Bolling's daughter married John Stith...who in 1694 left Hugh Davis 20 shillings to buy a ring.}}

      Note: From the research of Renee Newman and Charles City Co., VA Court Orders, 1687-1695 - Abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.
      page. 103/ 337 Order of attachment granted Jno. Jean against estate of Jno. Lett
      page. 109/357 - AUG TERM 1691- In suit of Cha. Goodrich vs Ja. Denson.... judgement granted to plantiff, defendant appeals to the next General Court and enter John Jean his security. Mr. Jno. Taylor entered as security for the appellee.
      Page 111/362 - At a court held at Westopher 5th October 1691- In suit of Jno. Jean vs. Richd. Fluellin, the deft. being non est inventus, attachment granted agst his estate.
      Page 113/367 - At a court held at Westopher, 10th November 1691 - Jno. Lett confesses judgement to Jno. Jean for 400 lbs. tobacco
      Page 129/404 - Thomas Harnison confesses judgement to Jno. Jean for 400 lbs tobacco. {{Don't have the date either July or August 1692}}
      Page 132/410 - At a court held at Westopher August 3 1692 - Roger Rees and Thomas Anderson to appraise estate of Charles Williams, dec'd. and Capt. John Hamelin to swear them.
      William Harryson and John Jane enter themselves security for Charles and William, sons of Charles Williams, dec'd, to whom administration is granted.
      Page 156/462 - At a court held at Westopher Aug 3 1693 - John Jane to answer re estate on one Taylor, dec'd, whereof his possessed.
      Page 160/468 - Administration with will annexed of estate of William Taylor, dec'd, late of this county, granted to John Jane. Ordered that Roger Reece and Thomas Anderson appraise estate of William Taylor, to be shown them by John Jane, who is to bring inventory to court. {{Don't have the date either Aug or Sept term 1693}}
      Page 164/475- At a court held at Westopher Nov term 1693 - Ordered that John Jane be summoned to bring inventory of estate of Taylor of which he is Adm'r.
      Page 173/489 - At a court held at Westopher March term 1694 - In a case Spell vs. Hix jury is impanelled: John Epes, Robert Tucker, David Owen, Robt. Williams, John Lett, Steph. Samson, James Gun, Edw. Redish, Geo. Hamilton, John Maceny, John Jane and Jeffery Cumims. Proos heard from Edward Maine and Thomas Winingham, witnesses. Jury finds for deft. Deft dismissed without day and plt. to pay costs. Fowler, attorney for plt.
      John Jane to exhibit inventory valued and sworn by appraisers.
      Page 174/493 Administration of estate of James Crabb, late of Wynoke Parish, dying intestate, is granted to his relict Sarah Crabb. She is to exhibit inventory, valued by oaths of John Jane and Janes Blankes. Catp. James Bisse to administer oaths to appraisers and to relict. {{Don't have a date but as it is the next page in book may be same as above}}
      Page 174/494 John Jane, Adm'r. of William Taylor exhibits inventory.
      Page 180/505 - At a court holden at Westover 3rd August, 1694 - Case of Attorney General vs Charles Bartholmew for unlawful marriage to Rebecca Poythress. Bartholmew now appears and quotes 2 statues re marriage and says his marriage is cognizable only by acclesiastical jurisdiction. Court over rules this plea. Bartholew says he has not violated the law. (page 506) Deposition of John Jane that he knew Frances, late wife of Charles Bartholmew, and knows Rebecca, relicat of Francis Poythress, and says the the two were sisters, being daughters of the same mother. John Bishop swears the same. Johua Wynn says he knew both women from childhood and they were always taken as sisters by one mother. Because of absence of Mr. George Robinson, Clerk, who joined them in marriage, case is referred to next ct.
      Page 181/510 - Sept. 1694 - Same case as above, jury impanelled, William Harrison, Joseph Harwood, Thomas Cotten, Xpher Hudson, John Blackburn, John Lett, William Gardner, Lewis Green, Danile Clark, Walter Nunely, Richard Taylor and Allison Clark. John Jane says Rebecca and Frances noted in case are daughters of one mother but different fathers. (others testify) Ordered to live apart from Rebecca until suit settled.
      Page 183/515 Judgement granted John Jane for 400 lbs. tobacco for coffin and funeral charges of Wm Taylor. {{Don't have a date }}
      Page 189/532 case of William Downes vs Henry Alley for trespas. Jury impaneled: Henry Harman, Gilbert Hayes, Rich. Griffin, John Jane, Nathaniel Phillips, Anthony Wyatt, Ben. Foster, Thomas Midleton, James Gun and Silvan Stokes. Jury, by Henry Harman, foreman, find for deft. {{Don't have a date }}
      {{ my note. on almost every court date, Edward Hill, Henry Harmon, William Byrd (not as often), and the Taylor men are in court, giving security, working juries, managing estates, etc}}
      Page 202/561 - At a Court holden at Westover March Term 1695 - Thomas Busby prays to be relieved in equity agst severity of the common law on above judgement. Injunction out of chancery accorded until he can be heard in equity. John Jane is security for Thomas Busby.
      Page 203/564 - At a Court holden at Westover 3rd April 1695 - Judgement granted to John Hardiman for 395 lds tobacco agst est. of William Taylor, in hands of John Jane, Adm'r. with will annexed.

      Note: From the research of Renee Newman and Charles Co., VA Deed Book, 1692-1694
      pg 153 - 13 Apr 1693 - William Harryson and William Williams sworn in court at motion of John Jane - they say upon oath that William Taylor, dec'd, did by word of mouth appoint John Jane to manage his estate for payment of debts, and if anything remained after debts, John Jane was to have the remainder for his own proper use

      Note: From the research of Renee Newman and "Prince George Co., VA Wills & Deeds 1710-1713", compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1992
      page 2 - In a deed dated 13 Nov 1710 - Charles Wilkins of NC to John Wilkins of Prince George Co., VA - 303 Acres for 30 lbs. on the south side of great swamp, bounded by Mr. Cogan, and running as in deed made by John Jean & Eliza his wife to William Wilkins dated 19 Jan 1673 and give to the said Charles by will of William Wilks, dated 22 Aug 1705, with all houses, etc. - signed Charles Wilkins - wit: Gilb't Hay & Rich'd (RS) Smith
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    Family 1 TYE, ?,   d. Yes, date unknown 
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    Family 2 Elizabeth "Eliza" Possibly Baker, Wilkins or Tye,   b. Bef 1660,   d. Aft 14 Apr 1711  (Age ~ 51 ) 
    Married Bef 19 Jan 1673  [3
     1. JEAN, WARNING!!! Unknown of Multiple Generations,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. JEAN, Phillip,   b. Bef 1688, Prince George Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Between Dec 1717 and May 1719, Prince George Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 30 )
     3. JEAN, John of Prince George Co., VA,   b. Bef 1698,   d. Aft 1718  (Age ~ 21 )
     4. JEAN, John of Prince George Co., VA,   b. Bef 1716,   d. Aft 1734  (Age ~ 19 )
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