Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Chatham Co., NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha Jane BOGAN or BOLIN?  May 1841Chatham Co., NC I416205
2 Mary  Abt 1809Chatham Co., NC I292
3 Nabby  Abt 1800Chatham Co., NC I419356
4 Patsy  Abt 1814Chatham Co., NC I416564
5 ALLEN, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1816Chatham Co., NC I416868
6 ALLEN, Jehu  11 Apr 1820Chatham Co., NC I416869
7 ALLEN, John  30 Sep 1806Chatham Co., NC I22035
8 ALLEN, John  4 Nov 1810Chatham Co., NC I417137
9 ALLEN, Joseph  22 Apr 1811Chatham Co., NC I416866
10 ALLEN, Nathan  3 Jan 1814Chatham Co., NC I416867
11 ALLEN, Peter Jr.  14 Mar 1809Chatham Co., NC I22036
12 ALLEN, Rachel  24 Mar 1816Chatham Co., NC I20424
13 ALLEN, Sampson  19 Nov 1823Chatham Co., NC I416870
14 ALLEN, Simon  9 Oct 1813Chatham Co., NC I417138
15 ALLRED, Angeline  26 Nov 1853Chatham Co., NC I1393
16 ANDREWS, Andrew David  17 Nov 1855Chatham Co., NC I307
17 ANDREWS, Jesse Benton  17 Feb 1858Chatham Co., NC I308
18 ANDREWS, John Lincoln Jr.  28 Oct 1862Chatham Co., NC I331
19 AUSLEY, Merta  1874Chatham Co., NC I16402
20 AUSLEY, Nettie  1878Chatham Co., NC I16409
21 AVENT, Alvis W.  Jun 1825Chatham Co., NC I11201
22 AVENT, Ann Elizabeth  8 Apr 1832Chatham Co., NC I10892
23 AVENT, Benjamin Rush  1829Chatham Co., NC I11198
24 AVENT, Bridget Ann  20 Feb 1827Chatham Co., NC I10890
25 AVENT, Harriet Primrose  5 Dec 1821Chatham Co., NC I10887
26 AVENT, Henry Evans  27 Aug 1829Chatham Co., NC I10891
27 AVENT, Henry G.  13 Sep 1825Chatham Co., NC I11205
28 AVENT, Isaac Watts  9 Sep 1823Chatham Co., NC I10888
29 AVENT, John F.  22 Mar 1814Chatham Co., NC I10880
30 AVENT, Joseph Carson  22 Nov 1830Chatham Co., NC I10869
31 AVENT, Louise Jane  25 Sep 1819Chatham Co., NC I10886
32 AVENT, Martha  27 Nov 1812Chatham Co., NC I10878
33 AVENT, Mary Glover  2 Sep 1815Chatham Co., NC I8650
34 AVENT, Permelia  25 Mar 1825Chatham Co., NC I10889
35 AVENT, Sarah Frances  13 Oct 1823Chatham Co., NC I11908
36 AVENT, Rev. William  8 Aug 1775Chatham Co., NC I10870
37 AVENT, William  28 Nov 1817Chatham Co., NC I10885
38 BARBEE, Abner Cain  15 May 1825Chatham Co., NC I18225
39 BARBEE, Elizabeth  1809Chatham Co., NC I18217
40 BARBEE, George  1781Chatham Co., NC I18216
41 BARBEE, George B.  Abt 1817Chatham Co., NC I18221
42 BARBEE, James Alston  1807Chatham Co., NC I18224
43 BARBEE, Joseph C.  Abt 1813Chatham Co., NC I18219
44 BARBEE, Lydia C.  Abt 1827Chatham Co., NC I18223
45 BARBEE, Mary Ann  Abt 1815Chatham Co., NC I18220
46 BARBEE, Soloman Gray  Abt 1811Chatham Co., NC I18218
47 BARBEE, William Pleasant  Abt 1819Chatham Co., NC I18222
48 BARNS, Charity  6 Sep 1774Chatham Co., NC I416782
49 BEAVER, Annie  27 May 1888Chatham Co., NC I420124
50 BEAVER, Benjamin Franklin "Ben"  7 Jun 1891Chatham Co., NC I420126

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Julie Ann  Bef Sep 1828Chatham Co., NC I10917
2 Margaret  Aft 9 Nov 1791Chatham Co., NC I11852
3 Margaret "Peggy"  Jul 1879Chatham Co., NC I5349
4 Mary  Aft 5 Jan 1859Chatham Co., NC I239
5 Mildred  1826Chatham Co., NC I5148
6 Mildred "Milly"  Bef 14 May 1839Chatham Co., NC I420425
7 Sarah  1791Chatham Co., NC I420296
8 ADCOCK, John  Nov 1822Chatham Co., NC I16123
9 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  Between 3 Aug 1793 and Feb 1795Chatham Co., NC I12604
10 ATWATER, Marietta  30 Sep 1938Chatham Co., NC I243
11 AUSLEY, Jesse  6 Apr 1846Chatham Co., NC I11563
12 AVENT, Alvis W.  3 Jun 1862Chatham Co., NC I11201
13 AVENT, Bridget Ann  31 Dec 1827Chatham Co., NC I10890
14 AVENT, George W.  10 May 1926Chatham Co., NC I11204
15 AVENT, Henry Evans  18 Jul 1907Chatham Co., NC I10891
16 AVENT, John  10 Dec 1821Chatham Co., NC I10899
17 AVENT, Joseph  Abt 1781Chatham Co., NC I10916
18 AVENT, Joseph  17 Aug 1862Chatham Co., NC I11193
19 AVENT, Joseph Carson  Apr 1904Chatham Co., NC I10869
20 AVENT, Permelia  26 Nov 1826Chatham Co., NC I10889
21 AVENT, Rebecca  1811Chatham Co., NC I10945
22 AVENT, Sarah  1793Chatham Co., NC I10948
23 AVENT, Rev. William  15 Dec 1841Chatham Co., NC I10870
24 BARHAM, Mary  12 Jul 1857Chatham Co., NC I11653
25 BEAVER, Franklin Bernice "Frank"  1901Chatham Co., NC I9338
26 BEAVERS, Frank I.  Aft 1880Chatham Co., NC I12379
27 BEAVERS, George  1853Chatham Co., NC I12312
28 BEAVERS, George Henry  5 Jul 1943Chatham Co., NC I9343
29 BEAVERS, Rufus Henry  2 Mar 1909Chatham Co., NC I12373
30 BELL, Thomas  Between May 1820 and Nov 1830Chatham Co., NC I7671
31 BLAND, Sarah "Sallie"  3 Jul 1953Chatham Co., NC I417766
32 BOHANNON, Richard  Jul 1805Chatham Co., NC I15119
33 BOON, Hester Ann  1 Feb 1888Chatham Co., NC I7449
34 BOON, Nasa  Between 30 Mar 1883 and 12 Apr 1883Chatham Co., NC I7109
35 BOON, Raiford  19 Dec 1834Chatham Co., NC I6884
36 BRANTLEY, Hester  Bef 16 Feb 1859Chatham Co., NC I7135
37 BRANTLEY, John  1782Chatham Co., NC I17056
38 BRANTLEY, John  15 Dec 1811Chatham Co., NC I7175
39 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  Between 27 Mar 1807 and May 1807Chatham Co., NC I7195
40 BRANTLEY, William  1805Chatham Co., NC I7205
41 BROOKS, Isaac  Aft 5 Mar 1815Chatham Co., NC I7198
42 BROOKS, Joseph John  Bef 25 Jan 1840Chatham Co., NC I7224
43 BROOKS, Mary  1846Chatham Co., NC I7214
44 BUCHANAN, Hilliard Smith  30 Sep 1905Chatham Co., NC I16519
45 BUCHANAN, Mary Elizabeth  1905Chatham Co., NC I16522
46 BURNS, Alvis  24 Apr 1823Chatham Co., NC I7470
47 BURNS, Hiram  Aft 11 Aug 1860Chatham Co., NC I7691
48 BURNS, James Sr.  Bef Nov 1845Chatham Co., NC I4940
49 BURNS, John Sr.  1812Chatham Co., NC I4945
50 BURNS, John Edward  28 Jul 1848-Nov 1848Chatham Co., NC I7466

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AVENT, Rev. William  16 Dec 1841Chatham Co., NC I10870
2 BRANTLEY, William Sr.  Chatham Co., NC I7131
3 BROOKS, William A.  2 Aug 1953Chatham Co., NC I171
4 CLEGG, John Baxter  1921Chatham Co., NC I12826
5 CLEGG, Thomas C.  Aft 30 Aug 1887Chatham Co., NC I12850
6 CLEGG, William B.  Aft 5 Jan 1884Chatham Co., NC I12853
7 CLEGG, William F.  Aft 19 Oct 1902Chatham Co., NC I12854
8 CROSS, Williams  27 Sep 1870Chatham Co., NC I11151
9 HARMON, Mary Ola  1 Oct 1943Chatham Co., NC I5271
10 KNIGHT, Charles H.  25 May 1967Chatham Co., NC I418610
11 KNIGHT, Edna Mattie  1 Sep 1966Chatham Co., NC I418608

1790 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1790 Census    Person ID 
1 AUSLEY, David  1790Chatham Co., NC I426
2 AUSLEY, Jesse  1790Chatham Co., NC I11563
3 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  1790Chatham Co., NC I7195
4 CAIN, Hardy  Chatham Co., NC I11374
5 HARMON, Zachariah  1790Chatham Co., NC I5551
6 MATHIS, Capt. Britain  1790Chatham Co., NC I4972
7 MATHIS, Clybron  1790Chatham Co., NC I21759
8 MATHIS, Isaac of Chatham Co., NC  1790Chatham Co., NC I2613
9 PASSMORE, David  1790Chatham Co., NC I11271
10 SEYMORE, Solomon  1790Chatham Co., NC I565
11 TOMLINSON, John of Chatham Co., NC  1790Chatham Co., NC I419383
12 TOMLINSON, John  1790Chatham Co., NC I4948
13 TOMLINSON, Moses  1790Chatham Co., NC I419368
14 WICKER, James Of Chatham Co., Nc  1790Chatham Co., NC I420424
15 WICKER, Pleasant  1790Chatham Co., NC I420548
16 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1790Chatham Co., NC I420433
17 WILLIAMS, Burwell  1790Chatham Co., NC I11185
18 YARBROUGH, Elisha  1790Chatham Co., NC I416211
19 YARBROUGH, Joseph  1790Chatham Co., NC I11306
21 YARBROUGH, Nathan  1790Chatham Co., NC I11299

1800 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1800 Census    Person ID 
1 Mildred "Milly"  1800Chatham Co., NC I420425
2 AUSLEY, David  1800Chatham Co., NC I426
3 AUSLEY, Jesse  1800Chatham Co., NC I11563
4 BRANTLEY, Blake  1800Chatham Co., NC I5344
5 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  1800Chatham Co., NC I7195
6 CLARKE, Sarah "Sally"  1800Chatham Co., NC I7505
7 DANIEL, Sarah "Sally"  1800Chatham Co., NC I457
8 DUTY, William  1800Chatham Co., NC I419287
9 DUTY, William Sr.  1800Chatham Co., NC I419278
10 GLOSSON, James of Orange Co., NC  1800Chatham Co., NC I7508
11 HILL, Enoch  1800Chatham Co., NC I419208
12 HINES, Boling  1800Chatham Co., NC I13521
13 HINES, Boling  1800Chatham Co., NC I699
14 MATHIS, Clybron  1800Chatham Co., NC I21759
15 MATHIS, Kinchen  1800Chatham Co., NC I21763
16 MATHIS, Lewis  1800Chatham Co., NC I3280
17 TOMLINSON, Moses  1800Chatham Co., NC I419368
18 WHITE, John Jr. - S/O John & Mary White  1800Chatham Co., NC I7136
19 WICKER, Robert  1800Chatham Co., NC I420445
20 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1800Chatham Co., NC I420433
21 WILLIAMS, Burwell  1800Chatham Co., NC I11185
22 YARBROUGH, Joseph  1800Chatham Co., NC I11306
24 YARBROUGH, Nathan  1800Chatham Co., NC I11299

1810 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1810 Census    Person ID 
1 Julie Ann  1810Chatham Co., NC I10917
2 BRANTLEY, Blake  1810Chatham Co., NC I5344
3 CAIN, Absalom  Chatham Co., NC I11310
4 CAIN, William  Chatham Co., NC I11378
5 DANIEL, Littleton Sr.  1810Chatham Co., NC I2
6 DUTY, Matthew  1810Chatham Co., NC I419290
7 DUTY, William  1810Chatham Co., NC I419287
8 DUTY, William Sr.  1810Chatham Co., NC I419278
9 GLOSSON, David of Chatham Co., NC  1810Chatham Co., NC I7514
10 GLOSSON, Joseph Jr. / of Chatham Co., NC  1810Chatham Co., NC I7513
11 GLOSSON, Samuel of Chatham Co., NC  1810Chatham Co., NC I7510
12 GUNTER, Possibly John  1810Chatham Co., NC I420444
13 HINES, Boling  1810Chatham Co., NC I13521
14 HINES, Boling  1810Chatham Co., NC I699
15 MAY, John  1810Chatham Co., NC I7468
16 PETTY, Rebekah  1810Chatham Co., NC I5562
17 STOUT, William  1810Chatham Co., NC I4538
18 WICKER, David  1810Chatham Co., NC I420447
19 WICKER, Matthew  1810Chatham Co., NC I420446
20 WICKER, Robert  1810Chatham Co., NC I420445
21 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1810Chatham Co., NC I420433
22 YARBROUGH, Jeremiah  1810Chatham Co., NC I11300
23 YARBROUGH, Nathan  1810Chatham Co., NC I11299
24 YARBROUGH, Peterson  1810Chatham Co., NC I12363

1820 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1820 Census    Person ID 
1 Julie Ann  1820Chatham Co., NC I10917
2 Mildred "Milly"  1820Chatham Co., NC I420425
3 BRANTLEY, Blake  1820Chatham Co., NC I5344
4 BURNS, Nancy  1820Chatham Co., NC I4946
5 BURNS, William Minter  1820Chatham Co., NC I7469
6 DUTY, William  1820Chatham Co., NC I419287
7 DUTY, William  1820Chatham Co., NC I7199
8 GEAN, Possibly Byrd  1820Chatham Co., NC I287
9 GEAN, George of Wayne Co., TN  1820Chatham Co., NC I17459
10 GLOSSON, Samuel of Chatham Co., NC  1820Chatham Co., NC I7510
11 GUNTER, Possibly John  1820Chatham Co., NC I420444
12 JEAN, John  1820Chatham Co., NC I572
13 JEAN, William of Wayne Co., TN  1820Chatham Co., NC I17551
14 MAY, John  1820Chatham Co., NC I7468
15 MAY, Vincent of Chickasaw Co., MS  1820Chatham Co., NC I4869
16 MYRICK, Possibly Aquilla  1820Chatham Co., NC I420257
17 PETTY, Rebekah  1820Chatham Co., NC I5562
18 SEYMORE, James  1820Chatham Co., NC I567
19 STOUT, William  1820Chatham Co., NC I4538
20 TOMLINSON, William  1820Chatham Co., NC I7704
21 WHITE, John Jr. - S/O John & Mary White  1820Chatham Co., NC I7136
22 WICKER, James  1820Chatham Co., NC I420435
23 WICKER, Matthew  1820Chatham Co., NC I420446
24 WICKER, Robert  1820Chatham Co., NC I420445
25 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1820Chatham Co., NC I420433
26 YARBROUGH, Jeremiah  1820Chatham Co., NC I11300
27 YARBROUGH, Nathan  1820Chatham Co., NC I11299

1830 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1830 Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1830Chatham Co., NC I239
2 Mildred "Milly"  1830Chatham Co., NC I420425
3 BEAVER, Harlan  1830Chatham Co., NC I8687
4 BRANTLEY, Hester  1830Chatham Co., NC I7135
5 BUCHANAN, Noah  1830Chatham Co., NC I15133
6 BURNS, Jane  1830Chatham Co., NC I7467
7 BURNS, William Minter  1830Chatham Co., NC I7469
8 GEAN, Albert  1830Chatham Co., NC I3
9 GEAN, Possibly Byrd  1830Chatham Co., NC I287
10 GEAN, William  1830Chatham Co., NC I291
11 GEAN, William  1830Chatham Co., NC I10
12 GLOSSON, Alfred  1830Chatham Co., NC I8942
13 GLOSSON, Samuel of Chatham Co., NC  1830Chatham Co., NC I7510
14 GLOSSON, William of Chatham Co., NC  1830Chatham Co., NC I11241
15 GUNTER, Possibly John  1830Chatham Co., NC I420444
16 JEAN, Wiley of Chatham & Randolph Co., NC  1830Chatham Co., NC I11076
17 MAY, Vincent of Chickasaw Co., MS  1830Chatham Co., NC I4869
18 SEYMORE, James  1830Chatham Co., NC I567
19 SEYMORE, John  1830Chatham Co., NC I12559
20 STOUT, William  1830Chatham Co., NC I4538
21 TOMLINSON, Mary "Polly"  1830Chatham Co., NC I7132
22 TOMLINSON, William  1830Chatham Co., NC I7704
23 WHITE, Zachariah  1830Chatham Co., NC I7162
24 WICKER, James  1830Chatham Co., NC I420435
25 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1830Chatham Co., NC I420433
26 YARBROUGH, Jeremiah  1830Chatham Co., NC I11300
27 YARBROUGH, Nathan  1830Chatham Co., NC I11299

1840 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1840 Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1840Chatham Co., NC I239
2 BRANTLEY, Hester  1840Chatham Co., NC I7135
3 BRANTLEY, Lewis M.  1840Chatham Co., NC I7138
4 BURNS, Jane  1840Chatham Co., NC I7467
5 BURNS, William Minter  1840Chatham Co., NC I7469
6 GEAN, Possibly Byrd  1840Chatham Co., NC I287
7 GEAN, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I291
8 GEAN, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I10
9 GLOSSON, William of Chatham Co., NC  1840Chatham Co., NC I11241
10 SEYMORE, Isaac  1840Chatham Co., NC I569
11 SEYMORE, James  1840Chatham Co., NC I567
12 SEYMORE, Mary  1840Chatham Co., NC I62731
13 SEYMORE, Solomon  1840Chatham Co., NC I571
14 SEYMORE, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I62638
15 STOUT, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I4538
16 TOMLINSON, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I7704
17 WHITE, Sherwood  1840Chatham Co., NC I7170
18 WHITE, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I7166
19 YARBROUGH, Jeremiah  1840Chatham Co., NC I11300
20 YARBROUGH, Peterson  1840Chatham Co., NC I12363
21 YARBROUGH, William  1840Chatham Co., NC I11303

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID 
1 HACKNEY, Adlade Senie "Addie"  Jul 1860Chatham Co., NC I16509

1880 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID 
1 GILMORE, Jane  1880Chatham Co., NC I617
2 SEYMORE, Charity Sarah  1880Chatham Co., NC I624

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 AVENT, Isaac Watts  19 Sep 1822Chatham Co., NC I10888
2 BROOKS, Sarah Hannah "Sallie"  8 May 1850Chatham Co., NC I419006
3 GUNTER, Antoinette Marie  17 Nov 1851Chatham Co., NC I5238
4 GUNTER, Lofton Benton  14 Aug 1837Chatham Co., NC I162
5 LINEBERRY, William Alson  17 Apr 1835Chatham Co., NC I17367
6 PETTY, Dr. Winship S.  1830Chatham Co., NC I419011
7 WILLIAMS, Sarah J.  24 Sep 1866Chatham Co., NC I417774

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN, Mary Ann Elizabeth  31 Jul 1909Chatham Co., NC I10897
2 GLOSSON, Jasper L.  17 Nov 1876Chatham Co., NC I6898
3 GUNTER, Lofton Benton  3 Jul 1910Chatham Co., NC I162
4 PARTRIDGE, Thomas  5 Jun 1802Chatham Co., NC I11871
5 TAYLOR, Olive  23 Dec 1883Chatham Co., NC I241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Julie Ann  21 Dec 1825Chatham Co., NC I10917
2 Mary  11 Aug 1852Chatham Co., NC I292
3 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  22 Feb 1797Chatham Co., NC I12604
4 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  12 Mar 1798Chatham Co., NC I12604
5 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  12 Mar 1798Chatham Co., NC I12604
6 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  6 Nov 1798Chatham Co., NC I12604
7 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  19 Jun 1799Chatham Co., NC I12604
8 ANDERSON, Martha of Mecklenburg Co., VA  22 Feb 1797Chatham Co., NC I12607
9 ANDERSON, Mary of Granville Co., NC  6 Nov 1798Chatham Co., NC I12609
10 BRANTLEY, Blake  2 Aug 1826Chatham Co., NC I5344
11 BRANTLEY, John  16 Aug 1784Chatham Co., NC I7207
12 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  5 Nov 1771Chatham Co., NC I7195
13 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  6 Feb 1779Chatham Co., NC I7195
14 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  20 Apr 1784Chatham Co., NC I7195
15 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  21 Aug 1788Chatham Co., NC I7195
16 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  28 Apr 1792Chatham Co., NC I7195
17 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  13 Aug 1793Chatham Co., NC I7195
18 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  24 Jul 1795Chatham Co., NC I7195
19 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  13 Jan 1798Chatham Co., NC I7195
20 BRANTLEY, Mary "Polly"  1 Aug 1822Chatham Co., NC I4941
21 BRANTLEY, William  7 Mar 1834Chatham Co., NC I419005
22 BURNS, Henry Clark  24 Nov 1869Chatham Co., NC I4915
23 BURNS, Henry Clark  2 Dec 1874Chatham Co., NC I4915
24 BURNS, Hiram  Feb 1866Chatham Co., NC I7691
25 BURNS, Jane  11 Aug 1856Chatham Co., NC I7467
26 BURNS, Jane  12 Jan 1859Chatham Co., NC I7467
27 BURNS, John Edward  1874Chatham Co., NC I7466
28 CLARKE, Sarah "Sally"  31 Dec 1784Chatham Co., NC I7505
29 CRUTCHFIELD, Diannah  21 May 1888Chatham Co., NC I10980
30 DANIEL, Jesse  13 Nov 1787Chatham Co., NC I10389
31 DANIEL, Jesse  3 Feb 1813Chatham Co., NC I10389
32 DOOLY, Allen Davis  2 Aug 1826Chatham Co., NC I17000
33 DUTY, William Sr.  25 Sep 1788Chatham Co., NC I419278
34 DUTY, William Sr.  28 Nov 1792Chatham Co., NC I419278
35 DUTY, William Sr.  7 May 1804Chatham Co., NC I419278
36 DUTY, William Sr.  11 Aug 1809Chatham Co., NC I419278
37 DUTY, William Sr.  20 Nov 1809Chatham Co., NC I419278
38 DUTY, William Sr.  23 Sep 1813Chatham Co., NC I419278
39 DUTY, William Sr.  29 Sep 1818Chatham Co., NC I419278
40 DUTY, William Sr.  26 Aug 1820Chatham Co., NC I419278
41 DUTY, William Sr.  22 Nov 1821Chatham Co., NC I419278
42 FIELD, James of Brunswick Co., VA  12 Mar 1798Chatham Co., NC I424464
43 FOUST, Christian of Randolph & Chatham Co., NC  18 Jan 1799Chatham Co., NC I416301
44 FOUST, Christian of Randolph & Chatham Co., NC  2 May 1804Chatham Co., NC I416301
45 FOUST, Christian of Randolph & Chatham Co., NC  27 Aug 1818Chatham Co., NC I416301
46 FOUST, Peter  2 Oct 1847Chatham Co., NC I4489
47 GEAN, Albert  17 Mar 1851Chatham Co., NC I3
48 GEAN, Bird  13 Sep 1856Chatham Co., NC I244
49 GEAN, Possibly Byrd  Feb 1848Chatham Co., NC I287
50 GEAN, Possibly Byrd  11 Aug 1852Chatham Co., NC I287

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID 
1 Priscilla "Pressy"  14 Jul 1853Chatham Co., NC I15138
2 BRANTLEY, Simeon L.  9 Jun 1831Chatham Co., NC I7139
3 BURNS, Alvis  21 Jan 1839Chatham Co., NC I7470
4 CLARKE, Sarah "Sally"  Nov 1784Chatham Co., NC I7505
5 GEAN, Lucy Jane  20 Nov 1902Chatham Co., NC I87
6 GILMORE, William T.  20 Mar 1843Chatham Co., NC I419199
7 GILMORE, William T.  11 Aug 1856Chatham Co., NC I419199
8 JEAN, Jesse  May 1790Chatham Co., NC I480
9 MANSFIELD, Henry Lee  20 Nov 1902Chatham Co., NC I93
10 MANSFIELD, John Wilbur  20 Nov 1902Chatham Co., NC I103
11 MATHIS, Elisha of GA  1 Dec 1801Chatham Co., NC I4976
12 MATHIS, Laban of Warren Co., GA  13 Jan 1798Chatham Co., NC I4975
13 MCEWIN, William P. of Washington Co., GA  21 Jan 1839Chatham Co., NC I18675
14 WILLIAMS, John L.  14 Nov 1884Chatham Co., NC I96
15 YARBROUGH, Martha "Patsy"  26 Mar 1846Chatham Co., NC I13273


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 HIGDON, Daniel  Chatham Co., NC I419275


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 BRANTLEY, John  20 Dec 1811Chatham Co., NC I7175


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 COOK, William  1850Chatham Co., NC I10515
2 MEDARIS, Charles  Chatham Co., NC I22494


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Mary  Between 1856 and 1858Chatham Co., NC I292
2 Mildred "Milly"  1839Chatham Co., NC I420425
3 ANDERSON, James of Mecklenburg Co., VA & Chatham Co., NC  1799Chatham Co., NC I12604
4 AVENT, Joseph  11 Feb 1782Chatham Co., NC I10916
5 BRANTLEY, Beverly  1823Chatham Co., NC I419184
6 BRANTLEY, Blake  1823Chatham Co., NC I5344
7 BRANTLEY, Hester  1859Chatham Co., NC I7135
8 BRANTLEY, John  1801Chatham Co., NC I7207
9 BRANTLEY, John  2 Mar 1806Chatham Co., NC I7207
10 BRANTLEY, John  1811Chatham Co., NC I7175
11 BRANTLEY, John A.  1823Chatham Co., NC I419183
12 BRANTLEY, John A.  1824Chatham Co., NC I419183
13 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  1807Chatham Co., NC I7195
14 BROOKS, Mary  1846Chatham Co., NC I7214
15 BURNS, William Minter  1864Chatham Co., NC I7469
16 CLARKE, Sarah "Sally"  1811Chatham Co., NC I7505
17 DUTY, William Sr.  1815Chatham Co., NC I419278
18 GEAN, Anderson  1849Chatham Co., NC I286
19 GEAN, William  Between Feb 1847 and 1856Chatham Co., NC I291
20 GEAN, William  Feb 1847Chatham Co., NC I291
21 GLOSSON, David of Chatham Co., NC  1812Chatham Co., NC I7514
22 GLOSSON, Jasper Jesse  1889Chatham Co., NC I8944
23 GLOSSON, Joseph Sr.  1784Chatham Co., NC I7504
24 GLOSSON, Joseph Sr.  1812Chatham Co., NC I7504
25 GLOSSON, Joseph Sr.  4 May 1813Chatham Co., NC I7504
26 GLOSSON, William of Chatham Co., NC  1869Chatham Co., NC I11241
27 GUNTER, Thomas L.  1853Chatham Co., NC I240
28 HINES, Boling  1812Chatham Co., NC I13521
29 JEAN, Jesse  7 Nov 1791Chatham Co., NC I480
30 MARSH, Elizabeth  1827Chatham Co., NC I7233
31 MARSH, Elizabeth  Nov 1829Chatham Co., NC I7233
32 MATHIS, Charles  13 Feb 1777Chatham Co., NC I3302
33 MAY, John  1823Chatham Co., NC I7468
34 MAY, John C.  1837Chatham Co., NC I419205
35 PATTISHALL, Mary  19 Sep 1853Chatham Co., NC I420436
36 ROWE, John  1852Chatham Co., NC I7150
37 SHADOCK, Henry  2 Jun 1778Chatham Co., NC I7250
38 TOMLINSON, John  1798Chatham Co., NC I4948
39 TOMLINSON, Moses  1798Chatham Co., NC I419368
40 WATKINS, Daniel S.  10 May 1898Chatham Co., NC I419360
41 WHITE, John Jr. - S/O John & Mary White  1829Chatham Co., NC I7136
42 WHITE, John Jr. - S/O John & Mary White  28 Feb 1859Chatham Co., NC I7136
43 WICKER, David W.  1865Chatham Co., NC I420456
44 WICKER, James Of Chatham Co., Nc  6 Jul 1799Chatham Co., NC I420424
45 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Sr.  1784Chatham Co., NC I420426
46 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  27 Oct 1831Chatham Co., NC I420433
47 YARBOROUGH, Sidney S.  16 Feb 1897Chatham Co., NC I12369


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Question    Person ID 
1 BOON, John W.  22 Jan 1883Chatham Co., NC I5048


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MEDARIS, Charles  4 Nov 1780Chatham Co., NC I22494

Tax List

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List    Person ID 
1 BURNS, Nancy  1815Chatham Co., NC I4946
2 GLOSSON, David of Chatham Co., NC  1815Chatham Co., NC I7514
3 GLOSSON, John of Chatham Co., NC  1815Chatham Co., NC I7512
4 GLOSSON, Joseph Jr. / of Chatham Co., NC  1815Chatham Co., NC I7513
5 GLOSSON, Samuel of Chatham Co., NC  1815Chatham Co., NC I7510
6 GUNTER, Possibly John  1815Chatham Co., NC I420444
7 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  1815Chatham Co., NC I420433


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Julie Ann  8 Sep 1801Chatham Co., NC I10917
2 Mary  5 Jan 1859Chatham Co., NC I239
3 Mildred "Milly"  28 Oct 1823Chatham Co., NC I420425
4 ANDREWS, Rev. Levi  25 Oct 1867Chatham Co., NC I10248
5 AUSLEY, Thomas  22 Sep 1866Chatham Co., NC I16394
6 BOON, Nasa  18 Feb 1880Chatham Co., NC I7109
7 BRANTLEY, Joseph Sr.  27 Mar 1807Chatham Co., NC I7195
8 BURNS, Hiram  11 Aug 1860Chatham Co., NC I7691
9 BURNS, Thomas  2 Nov 1831Chatham Co., NC I7707
10 BURNS, William Minter  19 Apr 1864Chatham Co., NC I7469
11 CROSS, Parrish  20 Jun 1837Chatham Co., NC I11144
12 CURL, William  28 Jan 1818Chatham Co., NC I631
13 DUTY, William Sr.  Nov 1815Chatham Co., NC I419278
14 GLOSSON, Jasper Jesse  17 Jul 1889Chatham Co., NC I8944
15 GLOSSON, Joseph Jr. / of Chatham Co., NC  10 Nov 1811Chatham Co., NC I7513
16 GLOSSON, William of Chatham Co., NC  18 Jan 1869Chatham Co., NC I11241
17 GRIFFIN, William Sydney "Sid"  29 Nov 1889Chatham Co., NC I5053
18 HACKNEY, William  22 Mar 1867Chatham Co., NC I16490
19 HARRINGTON, John  8 Dec 1879Chatham Co., NC I419354
20 HINES, Boling  6 Mar 1812Chatham Co., NC I13521
21 MARSH, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1827Chatham Co., NC I7233
22 MATHIS, Clybron  6 Oct 1797Chatham Co., NC I21759
23 MAY, Joseph  27 Dec 1807Chatham Co., NC I5221
24 PITTS, John Sr.  29 Nov 1780Chatham Co., NC I15515
25 STOUT, William  3 Nov 1842Chatham Co., NC I4538
26 TOMLINSON, Nabby  5 Dec 1866Chatham Co., NC I419382
27 TOMLINSON, William  18 Jan 1859Chatham Co., NC I7704
28 WHITE, John Jr. - S/O John & Mary White  7 Jul 1829Chatham Co., NC I7136
29 WICKER, James Of Chatham Co., Nc  13 Jan 1789Chatham Co., NC I420424
30 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Sr.  24 Aug 1781Chatham Co., NC I420426
31 WICKER, Thomas Oscar Jr. / Of Chatham Co., Nc  3 Jan 1824Chatham Co., NC I420433
32 WILLIAMS, Burwell  11 May 1816Chatham Co., NC I11185
33 WOMBLE, Cornelius S.  15 Jan 1863Chatham Co., NC I14257


Matches 1 to 50 of 211

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   23 Dec 1834Chatham Co., NC F162376
2 AUSLEY / GOODWIN  24 Mar 1858Chatham Co., NC F7303
3 AVENT / BUCHANAN  11 Nov 1853Chatham Co., NC F3877
4 AVENT / CROSS  18 Sep 1856Chatham Co., NC F3956
5 AVENT / PARTRIDGE  18 Oct 1861Chatham Co., NC F3958
6 BARBEE / CHAPMAN  Between Dec 1801 and Feb 1802Chatham Co., NC F6209
7 BEAVER / BREWER  15 Apr 1883Chatham Co., NC F162678
8 BEAVER / CRUTCHFIELD  5 Mar 1874Chatham Co., NC F162679
9 BEAVER / GEAN  15 Nov 1857Chatham Co., NC F3165
10 BEAVER / JOHNSON  4 Sep 1879Chatham Co., NC F767
11 BEAVER / JONES  24 Dec 1856Chatham Co., NC F3179
12 BEAVERS / ROGERS  17 Sep 1890Chatham Co., NC F3413
13 BLAIR / BROOKS  1884Chatham Co., NC F3326
14 BLAND / BOONE  26 Apr 1866Chatham Co., NC F162006
15 BOBBITT / HARMAN  13 May 1856Chatham Co., NC F1769
16 BOON / HARMON  30 Dec 1852Chatham Co., NC F1881
17 BOON / HARMON  10 Feb 1854Chatham Co., NC F2079
18 BOON / MOORE  23 Sep 1858Chatham Co., NC F162002
19 BOON / SEAGROVES  24 May 1833Chatham Co., NC F2649
20 BOON / STRAUGHAN  16 Dec 1858Chatham Co., NC F162000
21 BOONE / LASATER  8 Dec 1853Chatham Co., NC F162012
22 BOWLING / MIMS  1866Chatham Co., NC F5387
23 BOYCE / JOHNSON  2 Nov 1868Chatham Co., NC F5734
24 BRANTLEY /   Bef 28 Apr 1792Chatham Co., NC F2308
25 BRANTLEY / PETTY  19 Aug 1819Chatham Co., NC F162370
26 BRAXTON / LINDLEY  8 Apr 1880Chatham Co., NC F7318
27 BRAXTON / MCBANE  14 Nov 1867Chatham Co., NC F7322
28 BRAY / AVENT  3 Mar 1842Chatham Co., NC F3874
29 BRIGHT / BOONE  28 Jan 1858Chatham Co., NC F162011
30 BRIGHT / MADDOX  16 Sep 1863Chatham Co., NC F2141
31 BROOKS / GEAN  Sep 1869Chatham Co., NC F50
32 BROOKS / HARPER  Abt 16 May 1813Chatham Co., NC F2674
33 BROOKS / HARPER  5 Jan 1821Chatham Co., NC F2686
34 BROOKS / RIVES  8 Feb 1859Chatham Co., NC F4267
35 BROOKS / WARREN  5 Apr 1792Chatham Co., NC F5200
36 BROWN /   7 Sep 1857Chatham Co., NC F2001
37 BROWN / CROSS  28 Feb 1861Chatham Co., NC F5376
38 BRYAN / BURNS  16 May 1792Chatham Co., NC F2853
39 BUNTON / JOHNSON  1 Dec 1869Chatham Co., NC F161692
40 BURNS / BRANTLEY  Abt 1788-1789Chatham Co., NC F384
41 BURNS / BRANTLEY  30 Jan 1792Chatham Co., NC F386
42 BURNS / BRANTLEY  23 Dec 1834Chatham Co., NC F23687
43 BURNS / BURNS  23 Oct 1839Chatham Co., NC F162455
44 BURNS / CLARK  Abt 1833Chatham Co., NC F162406
45 BYNUM / CLEGG  7 Jan 1834Chatham Co., NC F1652
46 BYNUM / CLEGG  27 Feb 1839Chatham Co., NC F1656
47 CARLOSS /   Abt 1826Chatham Co., NC F6215
48 CHADWICK / HARMON  11 Oct 1858Chatham Co., NC F2078
49 CHAPMAN / CROSS  12 Aug 1813Chatham Co., NC F3947
50 CLARK / HARMAN  12 Jun 1862Chatham Co., NC F2084

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Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 MATHIS / RUTHERFORD  30 Jun 1778Chatham Co., NC F1040


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Bondsman    Family ID 
1 HOLTON / ROWE  20 Jun 1839Chatham Co., NC F162385
2 POE / BURNS  14 Aug 1866Chatham Co., NC F23743

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 GROCE / NEWMAN  6 Aug 1857Chatham Co., NC F1431

Married by

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married by    Family ID 
1 POE / BURNS  16 Aug 1888Chatham Co., NC F23743


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 POE / BURNS  16 Aug 1888Chatham Co., NC F23743