Unzipping the Jean Roots

Gean, Geen, Gheen, Jean, Jeane, Jane, Jayne (e, es, s) Families

Edgecombe Co., NC



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARRINGTON, John  16 Jan 1764Edgecombe Co., NC I11920
2 BATTLE, William  8 Nov 1751Edgecombe Co., NC I15458
3 BRANTLEY, Malachi  3 Jan 1760Edgecombe Co., NC I419048
4 BRANTLEY, William  1800Edgecombe Co., NC I419348
5 CLARKE, Eli  1790Edgecombe Co., NC I16662
6 FAULK, Kezziah  3 Mar 1776Edgecombe Co., NC I420503
7 HARRINGTON, Enoch  1763Edgecombe Co., NC I5343
8 HARRINGTON, Isaac  Abt 1763Edgecombe Co., NC I5337
9 HARRINGTON, Sion  1755Edgecombe Co., NC I5347
10 HARRINGTON, Tabitha  1758Edgecombe Co., NC I3359
11 HARRINGTON, Thomas  1760Edgecombe Co., NC I5205
12 HARRISON, Adkin  13 May 1812Edgecombe Co., NC I4878
13 HARRISON, Thomas  5 Apr 1819Edgecombe Co., NC I5107
14 HORN, Charity  19 Nov 1755Edgecombe Co., NC I15457
15 HORN, Charity  20 Oct 1769Edgecombe Co., NC I11981
16 HORN, Demaris  31 May 1760Edgecombe Co., NC I15460
17 HORN, Esther  6 Apr 1740Edgecombe Co., NC I15446
18 HORN, Henry Jr.  10 Jun 1744Edgecombe Co., NC I11999
19 HORN, Jeremiah  1 Nov 1763Edgecombe Co., NC I15461
20 HORN, Joel  14 Aug 1751Edgecombe Co., NC I15454
21 HORN, Milberry  4 Dec 1764Edgecombe Co., NC I15433
22 HORN, Nathan  9 Apr 1759Edgecombe Co., NC I15438
23 HORN, Phebe  14 Sep 1749Edgecombe Co., NC I15452
24 HORN, Priscilla  20 May 1762Edgecombe Co., NC I15432
25 HORN, Selah  13 Feb 1758Edgecombe Co., NC I15459
26 HORN, Thomas  24 Mar 1753Edgecombe Co., NC I15455
27 LASSITER, Hezekiah  1760Edgecombe Co., NC I17476
28 PHILIPS, Joseph  31 Oct 1763Edgecombe Co., NC I15434
29 PORTER, Helen  17 Apr 1865Edgecombe Co., NC I421912
30 RICKS, James  Edgecombe Co., NC I15453
31 SANDERS\SAUNDERS, William  Abt 1740Edgecombe Co., NC I9227
32 THOMAS, Mary "Polly" d/o Jonathan Thomas Sr & Mary Hilliard  3 Sep 1766Edgecombe Co., NC I419347
33 WELLS, Margaret Jefferson  2 Mar 1806Edgecombe Co., NC I13345


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTLE, Sarah  1798Edgecombe Co., NC I12000
2 BATTLE, William  1781Edgecombe Co., NC I15458
3 HINES, Kinchen  Abt 1798Edgecombe Co., NC I19618
4 HORN, Henry Jr.  5 Feb 1785Edgecombe Co., NC I11999
5 HORN, Jacob  1827Edgecombe Co., NC I15449
6 HORN, Nathan  16 Jan 1760Edgecombe Co., NC I15438
7 HORN, Priscilla  Abt 1850Edgecombe Co., NC I15432
8 JEANS, Braxton  7 Dec 1940Edgecombe Co., NC I60744
9 RICHARDSON, Celia  1 Dec 1760Edgecombe Co., NC I15437

1790 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1790 Census    Person ID 
1 BRANTLEY, Malachi  1790Edgecombe Co., NC I419048

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 GRIFFITHS, Nancy  Jul 1850Edgecombe Co., NC I66487
2 HUNTER, Martha L.  Jul 1850Edgecombe Co., NC I66488
3 HUNTER, Weldon Smith  Jul 1850Edgecombe Co., NC I11945

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 BRANTLEY, Hannah  26 Jul 1792Edgecombe Co., NC I7143
2 MATHIS, Gideon brother of Nancy Mathis  10 Jan 1789Edgecombe Co., NC I12306


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATTLE / HORN  1774Edgecombe Co., NC F5319
2 HORN / BATTLE  2 Dec 1765Edgecombe Co., NC F4188
3 HORN / THOMAS  20 Jul 1761Edgecombe Co., NC F5309
4 JEFFREYS / GRAY  30 Jul 1773Edgecombe Co., NC F4496
5 VICK / ARRINGTON  18 Mar 1780Edgecombe Co., NC F4160