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North Carolina Map vs. Early Records

We need to add to this map! With Mike’s help, we eventually hope to get maps on here that are even more detailed (close-ups which will include rivers and creeks). But here is a good jumping off point (I think).

I chose this 1786 map because I think it will be the closest general map that we can use. This is after Bute Co., NC was discontinued in 1779 and divided in to Warren & Franklin Counties. But, it is the time frame when Caswell split from Orange Counties.

We can eventually add more and more maps, and get more and more detailed. These maps are basic, but they are hopefully just the beginning of our potential. I know I keep starting with North Carolina all the time, but this is the general beginning area for so many of our questions, that I think it is the most helpful to start there. Eventually, with "ya’lls help we can expand and add GA, SC, TN, VA and any other state or region we need/want!

Peach & Brown Highlight - Bute Co., NC

1771     Philip & William Gean appear in deed records

Yellow Highlight - Caswell Co., NC

1777     Mathew Jean
1777Nathan Jean appears on the Tax Digest/List for St. Luke’s District
1780Nathan Jean - Marriage Records show that a Nathan Jean was the bondsman for the marriage of John Reece and Maryann Stringer on 29 July 1780
1784Phillip Jean appears on the Tax Digest/List for Richmond District
      (Note: Same district as Rosannah’s father William Lea)
1785Sherwood Jean - Marriage Records show that Sherwood Jean married Rosannah Lea on 20 Feb 1785 - Jonathan Lea, bondsman
1789Jesse Jean - Marriage Records show that a Jesse Jean married Polly Wyatt on 23 Nov 1789 - John Low, Bondsman

Pink Highlight - Chatham Co., NC

1770     Philip Jean at the estate sale of Sion Hill
1779Philip Jean receives Land Grant
1781Philip Geane was killed in the Battle of Lindley’s Mill, also known as the Battle at Cain Creek - Sept 1781 - The Battle of Lindley’s Mill took place in of September 1781, which took place at Quaker Thomas Lindley's mill (on Cain Creek), where over 250 soldiers on both sides were killed or wounded.
1784Jesse Jeone was appointed patroller in Joseph Johnston's district Aug 1784
1787David Jean - Estate Sale of David Jean - Jesse Jean was the admin. - Mar 1787
1790Jean Orphans - orphans John, William & Mary Jean appear in court - Lewis Kirk appt. guardian of John & William and requested to remove them to Orange Co. where he lived. Solomon Seymore (the uncle of all three children) was granted custody of Mary - May 1790 {Note: Their father was Philip Geane, as proven in court records during his wife Mourning’s request for Rev. War Widows Pension. Question: Why did it take so long for them to appear in court? Possibility/Theory - Was Jesse Jean responsible for them before this point, and this is about the time he started getting ill - Jesse was deceased by Nov of 1791. Mourning did not die until 1838, so it wasn’t because their mother passed, and William was old enough that he could have been apprenticed out long before this.}
1791Jesse Jean - Estate Sale of Jesse Jean - widow Sally Jean was the administrator - Nov 1791

Brown Highlight - Franklin Co., NC

1788     Nathan Jean - From "Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Franklin Co., NC 1779 - 1797", by Joseph Watson, pg. 121, #852 - pg. 161 of deed book - Robert Norris of Franklin Co., bill of sale to Joseph Norris of same, no date, for 40/15/-- specifically one Negro girl named Silivia - Wit: John Wright & Nathan Jean - Reg @ Decr. Court 1788

Purple Highlight - Guilford Co., NC

1784     Edmond Jean - purchased 200 acres in Jan 1784
1785Edmund Jean - overseer of the road Aug 1785 & a William Jean, Sr.
1787Philip Jean & Isham Bobbets overseers of the road May 1787

Jade Green Highlight - Northampton Co., NC

1749     Christopher Gean
1762Philip Gean
1786 William Jean

Lime Green Highlight - Surry Co., NC

1786     A Steven Gean appears in county records

Turquoise Highlight - Wake Co., NC

1778     Edmund Jean - 640 Acres on Beaver Creek - Land Grant
   {Note: From what we understand he would have had to served as a Patriot in order to receive this Land Grant. This is Edward/Edmund Jean of Wake Co., NC. The Edmond Jean of Stokes Co., NC, son of William Jean, is not known to have served in the Rev. War. He is listed in 1784 as a minister in Guilford Co., NC.}

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